7 Reasons Why You Should Do Street Workout & callisthenics

7 Reasons Why You Should Do Street Workout & callisthenics

The urge to have a healthy lifestyle has opened up plenty of gyms and work out spaces in every nook and corner of the metropolis in the last decade. However, this urge has resulted in the piling up of men and women in the gyms worshipping at the shrine of the bench press and the dumbbell rack.

Of course, there is a breaking point for everyone! What happens if you turn up for your session and there is a line of hulking crowd hogging the rack? What if the work from home and other engagements make it hard for you to reach out gyms for workouts? Or simply what if you need a change in the scenery?

You can’t just cancel the membership, or sit at home idle and let the hard-won gains go vein.

The idea of a healthy lifestyle and building up of mass existed long back before the invention of sophisticated gym machines. Indeed, the most organic way (commonly known as callisthenics) of gaining muscles is becoming popular these days because of the myriad benefits provided by this form of exercises. This blog will look into those benefits or will precisely detail the 7 Reasons Why You Should Do Street Workout and Calisthenics with the help of Outdoor Fitness Equipment.

Saves time

Driving to the gym and waiting for the equipment is not everyone’s cup of coffee. Time is a luxury for a lot of people out there who are juggling to have work-life balance. Street workout spaces will let you save time and space; therefore, no excuse will pop up to skip the gym session.

No joint pains

Callisthenics won’t put your joints under any sort of pressure. Hence, you don’t need to walk around like a cripple with joint pains after the workout session.

Better muscle tone

The callisthenics will better the muscle tone without the use of weights; that means you gain what you dreamt of without the tear and trauma inflicted by weight training.

Customizable exercises

The workout equipment in gyms is designed for the people of average height and weight. At times, it can be difficult for those who don’t fit into the average category to squeeze into the device. However, in callisthenics, the body becomes the exercise machine hence paving ultimate freedom for exercise customization.

Accessible for Any Age and Ability

Since there is no involvement of weight resistance training equipment, callisthenics will be an ideal exercise selection for aged and infirm people. This type of exercises is best for all age groups.

Burns a lot of calories

Unlike most of the weight training exercises, callisthenics exercises will raise your resting metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more calories every moment of every day.

Motivates and remove barriers

The regular workout comes with a lot of barriers- time and cost being the major ones. The street workout comes without any cost. Also, you don’t need to drive to the gym hence saving your valuable time.

In short

Callisthenics which translates as beauty and strength, are defined as the training of the body for physical growth and strength gain by using the body as the primary training tool. Minimal equipment is used in this form of exercise. And it doesn’t come with hefty prices and won’t take your valuable time. So ditch your gym and start doing callisthenics.

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