9 Surprising Ways to Relieve Stress

9 Surprising Ways to Relieve Stress

Too much stress! Try to do something to relieve it. Managing stress is all about change the way you feel about the priority of your life.  Minimizing stress is about changing your schedule, environment, and the way you deal with issues. You don’t have to fear stress and find ways to deal with it.

Here are nine beneficial ways to help you remove stress in your life.

The 9 Surprising Ways to Relieve Stress

1. Meditation

As you become more stressed, your mind goes into overdrive and may produce superficial, negative thoughts. Meditation can aid you to think and concentrate your attention on the present situation and let go of any future thoughts. It can help you hold on to your racing thoughts produced by stress.

2. Eat Well

Eating a well-balanced diet will help you feel better daily. It may also aid in controlling your moods. Your meals must be full of vegetables, fresh, colorful fruit, unprocessed grains, and lean protein for energy. And don’t avoid any of them because all of them are suitable for your health and help you relieve stress.

3. Biofeedback

It is a mind-body therapy that utilizes the mind favorably changes body functions like your heart rate, breathing, sweating, and even brain activity.  You can use biofeedback to disrupt the signals that stress causes, like a fight-or-flight response. The use of biofeedback needs specific training from an expert such as a psychologist.

4. Enjoy Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is beneficial for stress relief. It can aid you to feel energized, less tired, or more available at the moment. Emerging study indicates that specific scents (lavender) can change brain wave activity and reduce stress hormones in your body.

5. Chew gum

Using a stick of bubblegum is the easiest way of dealing with stress.  This activity can buffer the effects of stress on the brain. So, you can also try on chew gum and relieve the stress without doing so much!

6. The proper time to Sleep

Improper sleep can increase Cortisol levels (stress hormone) and leave you feeling exhausted. You should make sure to get your minimum of 8 hours of sleep per day. It is crucial for you to feel healthy, able to think, and the ability to face the difficulties that come daily.

When we are pressurized, our sleep can become influenced by it, leaving us exaggerating on the bed at night, lying awake, and not getting those precious hours in. So, always think positive, avoid using gadgets and blue light. There are also available various health supplements like CBD gummies and capsules, which contain melatonin. It’s a hormone that aids in the human sleep-wake cycle and promotes better sleeping.

7. Time to Relax

We all are living a hectic life that is the main trigger of the stress. You need to think for a moment about your health, not just work, work and more work! Take out some time for yourself and enjoy this time with your loved one, family members, or close friend on some beautiful vacation.

8. Avoid Smoking & Other Bad Habits

Smoking is hazardous to your health, and it is the leading cause of lung disorder. Aside from it, nicotine functions as a stimulant and brings on more stress signs.  You should offer yourself the gift of avoiding unhealthy habits.

9. Reduce Stressors (Cause of Stress)

Plenty of individuals find that life is loaded with too many demands and don’t have much time. The majority of this part, these demands is ones you have selected. Practical time-management skills include asking for help when adequate, setting priorities, and taking time out for you.


Stress is unavoidable today, but you can find a way to deal with it. Keep these stress-relieving tips on hand to pull out when you feel really emotional or too much tired. Make some of these a regular practice.

The simple breathing deeply or hugging your partner can help you keep you fresh and well-managed in the most troublesome situations. Try all these potential ways and make your life worth living!

Sara Ibrahim BJ
MS. Nutrition and wellness
Certified Board Member
Insta: @nwbysara

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