A Combination of Cutting-Edge Design and Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction Has Made Happy Jewelers an Orange County Jewelry Mainstay

A Combination of Cutting-Edge Design and Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction Has Made Happy Jewelers an Orange County Jewelry Mainstay

Happy Jewelers in Fullerton, CA, is truly the continuation of a family tradition like no other. Co-owners and brothers Gabe and Danny Arik have taken decades of knowledge and experience inherited from their father and repurposed it into their own jewelry business. By implementing their own morals with what they learned from their father, the Ariks have built Happy Jewelers into a trendsetting jeweler in terms of cutting-edge designs and customer service. 

In the early 1970s, Isa Arik, father of Gabe and Danny, was a fixture at the bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey, as he sold his fine diamond jewelry. Always observing, assisting, and learning from him were his two boys. “Our father taught us that if you want things in life, you have to work hard to obtain them; nothing is free,” Gabe states. When the Arik family moved to California in the 1990s, it gave Isa a chance to expand his own business and, eventually, gave Gabe and Danny the platform and ability to open Happy Jewelers.

“I am passionate about life and people,” Gabe Arik remarks. “I’ve always enjoyed talking to people and helping people since I was young.” He and his brother Danny both share this outlook on helping others and other morals that have helped propel Happy Jewelers towards success. The Arik brothers set standards for themselves in terms of business ethics, product quality, and customer service that became standards for the jewelry industry as a whole after only a few years of operation.

Customer service for Happy Jewelers may just be the cornerstone on which the business operates. Aiming for total satisfaction in every interaction they are a part of, Happy Jewelers fulfills every request they can and always goes above and beyond a customer’s expectations. The ability to operate in this manner is due to the autonomy they possess in terms of manufacturing. Owning a facility themselves, the Arik brothers are able to oversee every step in the creation and delivery of a customer’s piece. 

Incorporating what they learned from their father into their own business model was important in the Arik brother’s success, and today they are continuing the family tradition at Happy Jewelers. With families of their own now, they are instilling these core values in their own children. Passing on their morals and expertise to further generations is helping to ensure Happy Jewelers as leaders in the jewelry business for years to come. On top of it all, that means a greater number of satisfied customers. 

“That’s what I love,” Gabe shares, “helping people create a symbolic memory.”

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