A Healthy New Year, a Healthier New You and a Healthy New Product with a Cause! PHLIP GRIP WRIST WRAPS

A Healthy New Year, a Healthier New You and a Healthy New Product with a Cause! PHLIP GRIP WRIST WRAPS

Every new year can be a fresh start and most of you have already made your new year resolutions. Over Christmas, you’ve had an overdose of chocolate, fell into a roast combo coma or a gluten, wheat-free veggie alternative and forgot what responsible drinking looked like.

One of your new year resolutions may be a high priority to keep fit and to have a healthier lifestyle. That’s not a surprise at all. According to the British Heart Foundation, 39% of British Adults are considered physically inactive and that’s approximately 20 million people. Research further shows that setting a regular routine for physical exercise will reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke by up to 35% and can have a massive positive effect on your mental health.

Picture the gym in December with a ball of hay rolling across the gym floor and all the pubs & clubs next door rammed at full capacity. Tis the season to be jolly and double-paid. Come forth the re-birth of ‘Dry-January,’ peak season has started in the gym and the inevitable ‘New Year’s Revolution’ begins. Once disbanded last summer, all ‘January Restarters’ are welcomed back to the gym for their annual routine with high hopes of it becoming a regular thing.

So the question is… Do you want to be fitter, healthier and stay injury free in 2019?
Weight training is an essential part of keeping fit. It helps to maintain and develop physical strength and is one of the best stress-relieving activities. But of course, this is only the case if you can stay injury-free. Not knowing what you are doing or overdoing it in the gym can have the opposite desired effect. Many gym goers look to wrist wraps to help them lift more, increase the duration of their workouts, reduce wrist fatigue and avoid injury. So getting the right education and gear can significantly boost your performance and satisfaction.

Charlie V Vicente, an 11 year veteran Fitness Professional and the creator of PHLIP GRIP is based in Bristol, UK. He has worked with both elite athletes that strive for optimal performance and people that want to achieve their personal goals regarding fitness and a balanced, healthier lifestyle. Having trained people across the globe, including Australia, Ireland, UK & Canada, he has come across many fitness-related injuries
and it significantly coming down to two major reasons: the lack of fitness education and not using the proper/high-quality fitness gear.

Charlie has tested numerous existing wrist wraps, never being 100% happy with their quality and results, and thus, decided to create his own version of a new generation of wrist wraps: The PHLIP GRIP Wrist Wrap.

PHLIP GRIP wrist wraps are made with top of the line materials. They have been tested exhaustively and compared against the top wrist wraps on the market until maximum quality and performance has been achieved. With 6 amended versions before creating PG 7.0, the final version provides the ultimate support and comfort. Not only can they be tightened to immobilise the wrist but they can also be loosened so that there’s room for movement in the joint while remaining supportive. The not-too-long length makes wrapping the wrist a quick and easy process. The PG wrist wraps feature a premium thumb loop as well as a durable velcro closure to keep the wrap snug and secure. It is designed to minimise the risk of hurting your wrist. PG wrist wraps are not limited to weight lifting, but they are also suitable for Crossfit, calisthenics, yoga and more.

With every wrist wrap purchase, PHLIP GRIP not only supports your fitness passion but will donate a percentage out of it’s net profit to the charity ‘Bahay Tuluyan’ in the Philippines.

“Bahay Tuluyan” (which stands for House Accommodation) is a non-government, non-profit organization that provides a variety of programs and services aimed at preventing and responding to child abuse and exploitation in the Philippines.

The Philippines flag resonates in the PHLIP GRIP logo and represents:
1) RESPECT & EQUALITY to women & children.
2) To BETTER ourselves by being fitter & healthier.

The PHLIP GRIP Wrist Wraps is set to be officially released on Amazon UK in January 2019. Get inspired, lift with confidence and fall in love with this philanthropic fitness product in time to tackle your ‘New Year’s Resolution’ in the gym!

For more information please visit www.phlipgrip.com or kindly send an email to

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