A new Casper company targets the shoe collector market

A new Casper company targets the shoe collector market

For a great many people, footwear is essentially utilitarian — a garment worn to safeguard one’s feet. However, for other people, they’re bits of workmanship deserving of assortment. For those individuals, there’s presently Box of Shoes, another shoe shop situated in the Wolcott Galleria.

“Everything we have here is pretty rare stuff that you aren’t able to get at just any shoe store,” owner-operator Zach Knight said. “They’re basically all imported from other countries across the world.”

The store has been open for a little more than a month, and sports a wide assortment of exceptional and intriguing shoes. Planning ahead, Knight said he anticipates expanding space and offering much more shoes.

“I can get a lot more out of this space by rearranging some things,” he said with a smile. “There’s not going to be an inch of this place that isn’t covered.”

Initially from Orlando, Florida, Knight has experience arranging and facilitating spring up workmanship displays, and he said he desires to carry that ability to Box of Shoes. With the emphasis on intriguing and remarkable things, Knight said he wants to have assortments of shoes that get included for restricted measures of time prior to being rearranged out for another assortment.

Presently, Knight is highlighting an assortment of Vans tennis shoes to pay tribute to the 25th commemoration of the arrival of the well known Vault by Vans series planned by Taka Hayashi.

“To me, shoes are works of art,” he said.

All shoes in plain view are available to be purchased, yet Knight said he acknowledges one more type of installment, as well: trades.

“There are a few brands that I’m not as familiar with, like Nike. But for the most part, if you come in with a pair of shoes that are in good condition, I’ll be able to appraise them, and we can trade for a shoe of a similar value,” he said.

However the store is still in its outset, Knight said he’s been flabbergasted at the positive gathering he’s been given by the Casper and Natrona District shoe local area.

“The outpouring of support has been incredible,” he said. “I think it shows that this was a niche that wasn’t really being served previously here in Casper.”