A new single by Daniel Di Angelo – Temptations

A new single by Daniel Di Angelo – Temptations

If you’re looking for a euphonious modern-day R&B song infused with soft vocals, genuine lyrics, and rich sound, I bet Daniel Di Angelo newest masterpiece titled “Temptations” is perfect for you.

The story of this brand-new single revolves around a guy living the rockstar life, who tries to defy the distracting appeal and seduction brought on by many women, given the fact that being a rockstar, one has to attend tons of parties, give several drinks, and live by entertainment. “Temptations” is Di Angelo’s Second big release single that’s undeniably earning its deserved spot on various social platforms like Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

“Temptations” can be seen in sexual/bedroom mood playlists due to the great sexual energy it contains. It has been so loved and appreciated by the mass, that it has already been spread out to the world by some famous influencers and artists through sharing it on the Instagram story music feature.

In an interview, Di Angelo shares that “Temptations” was written after a year-long relationship with a girl he loved so much. However, he failed to take good care of the relationship. According to him, he wasn’t cheating, instead, he was lying a lot of times— consistently. This is caused by his lifestyle getting affected by the different circles he was hanging out with, and he had some hard time rejecting girls sending explicit material in his DM’s. He also added that sometimes, it comes to a point where even though he wasn’t replying back to the pretty gals on his DM, he would still choose to hide it from his girl. What kept him going through this routine was the thought of his girl just being innocently the best one for him; still sticking by his side and loving him truthfully even if he’s doing wrong things behind her back.

Di Angelo has already written songs and worked with various artists. His works have triumphantly made good noise on Instagram when influencers share it to the world, making his name shine brightest of ‘em all.

Aside from this fresh addition to Di Angelo’s list of satisfyingly great songs, check out his Spotify to find his other creations. Excluding “Temptations” to the count, his top 4 most streamed songs are: Welcome to Paradise, One Thing Right, I Don’t Wanna Know, and Magic. With the wide range of flavor uniquely added to each song, it is true that Di Angelo really wants to catch people’s ideology by sharing his own perspectives. Also, his music is remarkably diverse masterpieces that resonate a wide range of listeners’ tastes.

On the off chance that one thing’s sure, Daniel Di Angelo is an icon really taking shape. It’s impossible not to get hooked with his geniously crafted songs that inculcate

well-written lyrics and story, melodies that’ll creep in your memories for a long time, and dreamlike vocals. Adding “Temptations” to the list, surely, Di Angelo’s name is deservingly part of this year’s Artists-to-Watch.

You can check out ‘Temptations’ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=951WSYZwVsg
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