A Review of 2 Islamic Mobile Apps: Yaqeen Institute and OnePath Network

A Review of 2 Islamic Mobile Apps: Yaqeen Institute and OnePath Network

When it comes to Islamic mobile apps, two prominent names stick out. Those applications are OnePath Network and Yaqeen Institute. Both of the applications are designed to present Islamic content in a whole new way.

OnePath Network

The Islamic application OnePath Network offers a whole new way for anyone to experience and receive Islamic content. The application is based on the OnePath Network website, a premier site for news, history and culture, the prophet, education, and social issues. OnePath Network’s goal is to produce inspiring content that will help spread Islam’s positive message worldwide.

The OnePath Network application is available on the google play store as well as the apple app store. OnePath Network’s app is free of charge and offers a wide variety of features to its users. With the application, users have access to the latest video releases from OnePath Network. As well as exclusive premium content only available on the app!

This application was designed for Muslims by Muslims. You can browse hundreds of videos, films, podcasts, or news stories anywhere you are. Users can also listen to Quran recitations or watch exclusive short films and documents presented in 4k. All of the content on this application can easily be cast to your television to enjoy on a bigger screen.

Another plus to the OnePath Network app is the ability to play videos while doing other tasks on your phone using the background mode feature. This means no matter what you are doing; you can still catch up on the latest news. The best part of the application is no ads! Your content will be completely uninterrupted by annoying advertisements.

Yaqeen Institute

The Yaqeen Institute has a free application available on both the google play store for Android and the app store for Apple devices. This application features research papers written by experts within the field as well as videos. The Yaqeen Institute app also features the Yaqeen Academy.

The Yaqeen Academy is available exclusively via the Yaqeen Institute app. The academy features high-quality, peer-reviewed, faith-based contingent presented in the most straightforward format available. Each of the videos within the academy is followed by a short quiz to help ensure overall comprehension.

The academy also features a point and leaderboard system, encouraging users to come back to the app daily and continue to learn. The leaderboard makes for a great challenge to have with your family members or friends. The Yaqeen institute wants to make learning Islam engaging as well as fun.

The Yaqeen Academy is not just for school-aged children. Everyone can use it! The academy will help those who are looking for clarity easily, no matter where they are. If a user spends even just 2 minutes a day on the app, they can slowly start to create an unshakable connection with their faith.

The application will also have the latest publications featured on the Yaqeen Institute website. Now our readers can have all of the information they need on the go in a well-organized, easy-to-use fashion. Each of these publications will be broken down by topic for easy navigation. These topics include History, Islam and Politics, Islam and Science, and many more. All of these sections will also have subsections for specific topics. These topics are all designed for 21st Century Islam with relevant issues.

The Yaqeen Institute believes that our app should help re-kindle the Islamic tradition of spreading knowledge. This will help tackle any misconceptions against our community as well as raising our overall conviction.

The application also features infographics. Some of these infographics are Faith, which features extensive infographics on Allah, Quran, and Prophets. There is also a section on Sharia that discusses Methodology (usul), Jurisprudence (figh), and Acts Of Worship. Politics and Practical Theology, which features sections on Islamic Ethics, Social Justice, Identity, and Islamophobia. The infographics also explain Psychology and Mental Health, covering issues such as trauma and general psychology. You can also find infographics explaining history such as the Life Of The Prophet (seerah), Spread of Islam, and Islamic Civilization. Finally, there is a section that discusses Family and community that breaks down Islamic culture.

No matter what your need is, The Yaqeen Institute application has something to offer you. Whether you are looking to read research papers written by experts in their given field or watch short videos explaining various topics, this application has something for you. You may also consider checking out the Yaqeen Academy available exclusively via our application. This is a great way to create an unshakable connection with your faith and can take you as little as 2 minutes a day.

The Yaqeen Institute is a non-profit research initiative that will always keep our content free and accessible. To support our continued research and education, please consider donating.

Two Incredible Islamic Apps

Both the OnePath Network and the Yaqeen Institute app offer a fantastic experience for their users. They are a must-have for any Muslim looking to become closer to their faith anywhere at any time. OnePath Network and Yaqeen Institute were created for Muslims by Muslims, and it truly shows! These apps are incredible tools!