A self made entrepreneur inspiring youths – Meet Adeel Chawdhry

A self made entrepreneur inspiring youths – Meet Adeel Chawdhry

Adeel Chowdhry is the software technology genius that has been dominating the industry for over 15 years. The list of things that he does is vast from Software technology to graphic design to eBook creation software. Despite having millions of dollars in revenue and over 15 years of experience, things were not always so successful for Adeel. Chowdhry was born on January 1, 1982, in the United Kingdom, London. After dropping out of university Adeel worked at Mcdonalds for a while then decided that enough was enough and began reinventing himself. He entered the internet marketing scene and quickly created a reputation for himself and even became one of the most consistently recognized names within his industry. It was not easy quitting his job at Mcdonalds and entering an industry that he had no prior knowledge in, but Adeel’s competitive attitude drove him past the hurdles and led him to success. Through his creativity and ability to grasp a crowds attention, he created one of the most impressive multi-million dollar launches that the world has ever seen. He went from selling fries to generating a massive $16,500,000+ in revenue from his more than 25 bestselling products across platforms like Clickbank, JVZoo, Digital River, and many others. 

Sqribble was his most recent creation that ended up becoming a global phenomenon. Adeel was able to propel Sqribbles sales to over $1.5 million to date with his unmatched skills, genius funnels, and one of a kind marketing style. He never does things on a small scale and always goes out of his way to create the astonishing and amazing results that he has been able to.

Despite coming from a background with no prior experience, Adeel has been able to reach many achievements that even well-experienced professionals cannot obtain. He has managed to become ClickBank’s Platinum Vendor since 2009 by earning well over $250,000 a year. He has also ben able to turn any digital product from zero to a million without any funding at all in a very quick time frame, his most prominent example was when he generated over 1.1 million dollars in revenue in only 7 days from his software launch of Sqribble.com and 2.5 million in revenue within 24 months. 

Adeel has become an inspiration for a lot of students or normal people who have not been able to create their breakthrough moments and create a successful life for themselves. He shares his secrets through his social media accounts to his hundreds of thousands of followers but also through his digital courses. His digital courses have helped lots of people achieve the life that they always dreamt of as well as generate over ten million dollars in sales. 

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