A short but useful conversation with the founder of sustainable fashion in Iran

A short but useful conversation with the founder of sustainable fashion in Iran

When thinking of sustainable and ethical luxury fashion, Aylar Behzadi is the first name that comes to mind. Since the launch of her fashion line – Aylar Behzadi, she has been one of the pioneers of eco-friendly, cruelty-free, inclusive, and ethical fashion. This Upcycling designer is constantly exploring and experimenting with new sustainable materials and technology. She uses organic cotton, ethically sourced wool, regenerated cashmere, recycled textiles, while excluding fur and leather. Also, she uses recyclable materials for packaging!

Entrepreneur Aylar Behzadi is the founder and creative director of Aylar Behzadi, a sustainable fashion clothing line that deals with traditional and GenX fashion wear offering distinctive designs. It takes pride in each and every step of the design creation, starting from Sketches to Quality Control. The brand is known for their selection of top quality fabrics and materials for their fashion wears. The clothing line is operates through and is present in Iran, Kuwait, Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates .

Dear aylar , please introduce yourself more to fashion fans and environmentalists.

I am Aylar Behzadi, a sustainable fashion designer who recreates clothes from jeans that have been used in past, most of what I use are second-hand jeans, but from the addition of fabric, second-hand ties.  etc. I am sopposed to make clothes to save the environment.  I started designing clothes in 2009, but sustainable fashion in 2016.

In 2016, I started working in the field of sustainable fashion, and at that time there was no activity in this field inside Iran, and it was difficult for me to teach sustainable fashion to clothing designers inside Iran, it was very difficult and time-consuming, but the result of this It happened that sustainable fashion entered Iranian universities.