A Visionary Ahead of Times – Shree Upadhyaya

A Visionary Ahead of Times – Shree Upadhyaya

Shree Upadhyaya, most popularly known as the MDH girl after successful running of her ad, is not your regular artiste.

With deep roots sunk in education of 6 years in mental health and healing sciences, she has also been a practicing healing therapist since almost 2 years. Right after education, she chose this as her other profession and got instant success as most clients benefited from her different and unique model of therapy.

Where most artists were busy building their one and only profession of acting and modeling – she discreetly started her therapy services and an online business of healing therapy.

Hence, when COVID lockdown came into functioning, she didn’t lose her confidence or worried like most actors. She patiently built her online therapy services and started telephonic consultations of clients as no contact quarantine was mandated.

This is the prime reason, she advocates on building a skill set and creating a successful plan B. As one never knows what the future has in store for us, especially in an uncertain business like the entertainment industry. In fact she’s looking forward to building various other skills to polish herself as an artiste and a healer and doesn’t even mind taking up a job.

She believes the youth needs to be more open minded and not get stuck in the general route of the actor-star system. This lockdown of Corona spread a message amongst a lot of entertainment professionals, if they’re happier building another skill or feel more fulfilled through that, they must pursue that.

Also, with the onset of so many early deaths of young artists, influencers, she feels fame is not the only purpose of life. One has to look at a life in totality – happiness, good health, inner satisfaction, mental peace, contribution to self and mankind, ranks very high on her radar.

Her own startup Mystique focuses on contribution of people and working towards ensuring a betterment of health – both mental and physical. Healers, also known as doctors of energy medicine, work on all aspects of health including financial health. She even got an honour of “Dignity Excellence Award” from Aarohan NGO for her work towards humanity. She strives to do more in terms of contribution to people and has started creating healing frequencies which heal at a cellular and molecular level, providing relief from certain health situations.

We wish her a lot of luck on her birthday and hope for a very successful journey for years to come.