If you are a fan of comedy, the name Abby Roberge must be very familiar with you. He is an accomplished and famous stand-up comedian in the Los Angeles scene and Internationally. He has appeared on different TV shows such as ABC’s Modern Family as ‘Ben’ and NBC’s pilot so close as ‘ Gideon’. Abby Roberge has opened for Bill Burr at the prestigious Just For Laughs Northwest Festival, toured with some of the biggest names in comedy such as Russel Peters, Bob Saget and Steve-O.  On top of that, he has appeared in the New York Comedy Festival and has over 100 million combined views of his stand up and sketches. Abby also performs locally at The Hollywood Laugh Factory and is everyone’s favorite.

Many of his fans are inspired by Abby. Growing up in a small hippie commune in Vancouver, Canada with little to no resources, Abby Roberge has worked hard to get to where he is now. He moved out of the commune at only 12 years old and went to the city where he gradually sharpened his craft. Abby started out as a doorman at the World Famous comedy store where he worked for 7 years while performing at clubs, parties, events and any stage he could find. His immense love for comedy and a passion to entertain people made him work harder and harder.

One of the things fans love about him is his incredible and effortless storytelling ability. Watching him is like watching the funniest friend in the group telling a wildly funny story. So many fun stories and self-deprecating jokes about his time at the hippie commune and other crazy life experiences. He is a great entertainer who knows how to make the audience laugh and have a good time. Apart from that, his background makes him have interesting views and perspective on life which the audience and fans find very intriguing and refreshing. It also gives him a humble personality and honestly, with all these qualities it is no surprise that he is very famous, loved and admired by comedy fans and anyone who gets the privilege to see him on stage or just watch his stand-ups and sketches online.

Apart from comedy, Abby Roberge is also a businessman. He is the co-owner of  Melrose Podcasts together with his partner and fellow comedian Ari Mannis. They opened the studio a week before lock-down but have had the opportunity to work with 4 of the top 10 podcasts in the world including Call Her Daddy, Barstool Sports, Freakenomics, NPR and many more. They will soon be launching their own Podcast Network where they will host some major shows.

There is no denying that Abby Roberge is one of the best stand-up comedians out there. His fame and success are well deserved. Not only is he an outstanding entertainer but also an inspiration to everyone who has dreams and is just starting out from the bottom.