Activision Announces Battle Pass For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

Activision Announces Battle Pass For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

Activision recently announced that the Modern Warfare Call of Duty does not have a season pass system. It also does not possess map DLC, it comes with a battle pass system unlike the previous games of Call of Duty. Activision revealed that the company will be launching this new game in December 2019. They have not yet announced the date.

There have been a couple of leaks related to the Call of Duty video game on Twitter since the announcement of the release of this game. The company has shared a few details about the new additions of the game. The good thing is that there is going to be free content available for the players. There will also be a premium steam available. If you want to take your game to the next level, you can use the premium steam. You’d be able to unlock the weapons and accessories in the free content steam.

To make the launch more exciting for the game enthusiasts, Activision has announced to provide free content to its players. Players will be able to use the multiplayer map. They’d also be able to play the Hardpoint mode.

During their 3rd quarter earning call, the President of the company Robert Kostich announced the battle pass system of the game. He stated:”feel it is the right thing to do for the game and how its designed and more importantly, we think it is right to do for our players”

A few details of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are as follow:

  • Activision is going to release the battle pass system not the loot box system
  • Simply by playing the game, you can unlock all the attachments and weapons in the free content steam
  • The battle pass system will make it clear to the players whether they are earning the content or buying it.
  • The premium steam allows you to buy advanced and unique weapons and attachments to play the game and make it even more interesting.
  • Just by playing the game with the new battle pass system, players will now get a chance to earn COD points.
  • The battle pass does not impact the balance of the game. The items you ear or buy will not affect the game balance.

An important point to be noted is that the battle pass will not be available for the players at the official launch. The developers of the game are still working hard to provide you a standard quality game with the battle pass system. If you cannot wait to explore the new addition to the game, you can enjoy the free content available from 8th November. You’ll have to wait for the launch of battle pass system till late December or beginning of January. The game is also going to have a Battle Royale mode. You’d enjoy playing the game in this mode. It comes with amazing features. You can expect to see the latest changes to the game.