Actress Anupama Agnihotri’s Music video “Nasha hai” out on Zee Music Company

Actress Anupama Agnihotri on Tuesday dropped the announcement of his new song titled

 “Nasha Hai.” And also, the song has got wasted vital consideration from the personalities or fans who admire to watch her. On 3rd, this song has been launched only on Zee Music Company.

 The song has hugely expected by the people, and they were contemplating that this song would applaud the audience when the song watched by all bit by bit.

Fans are still viewing this song, which has been carried forward in the fantabulous video of the famous actress Anupama Agnihotri. 

The song has been adduced only on Zee Music Company. As per the reports, Anupama Agnihotri has uploaded the official poster of his song on social media.

What are you waiting for? The song has already launched on 3rd March 2020. Go and watch this top-notch song, which has been started by Anupama Agnihotri if it comes to that give your essential views to this deluxe song online on Zee Music.