Adaptable Ananya Karn makes it to be THE CHOSEN ONE by AwardsArc

Adaptable Ananya Karn makes it to be THE CHOSEN ONE by AwardsArc

It’s hard to imagine sometimes that a person so young and doing things that are really unexpected and unbelievable. Ananya Karn From Darbhanga is one of them. Her talent led her to be one of THE CHOSEN ONES by AwardsArc.

Ananya Karn belongs from a Nuclear family. She’s been born and brought up in Basti, Uttar Pradesh. Ananya is in class 11th Right now but she has been writing since she was in class 4th. She realised her love for writing 4 years ago and then she started blogging so that she can show her talent to everyone. And from that very time, Ananya never stopped. As time passed by, she won many prizes and on national level in poetry writing.

Other than this, she has co-authored many books and also interested in Lyrics writing.
Her first solo book ,”Sweet Sixteen”, will be released next month and is all ready to reach heights. Other than that, she’s also going with a marvelous project named, “Milestone”. This project is for youth to support them to fight against social evils like cyber Bullying, Depression etc and is indeed a great initiative.

Ananya was also the finalists from Uttar Pradesh in Miss Teen Diva 2021 which is the biggest Beauty Pageant held for teenage girls in the country. She has also bagged many prizes in painting, dancing, mental mathematics, general knowledge and various other activities.

It’s so surprising that she achieved all this just in age of 15. In this world where a 15 year old kid, passes time in mobile phone and here Ananya is developing herself in all different ways.

Ananya says, “Human beings are composed of mind, body and soul. I always try my best to look after all three. One’s mind is a garden, and the kind of seeds you sow the same kind of plants you get. Hence I try to develop myself intellectually through reading books. The body is a gift from the god one must love and take out some time and put efforts to keep it healthy. The last one is the soul – I believe even if you’ve all the worldly pleasures around and you are not happy and satisfied from inside – you’ve nothing. Hence I meditate,spend time with my family, follow my passion and remember god to satisfy my soul.”

She’s highly inspired by her mother as her mother is the one who always supported her and motivated her to work out of comfort zone.

Ananya Karn passed out 10th this year and soon she’ll be preparing herself for NEET. Ananya is a person who wishes to do something for humanity and her positive spirit inside her made her one of THE CHOSEN ONES by AwardsArc.

We might see her as an inspiring figure in neat future.