Adina Brunetti’s New Book helps you transform your Restaurant with Exceptional Customer Service

Adina Brunetti’s New Book helps you transform your Restaurant with Exceptional Customer Service

Adina Brunetti, a renowned author and founder of Adina Creative Food has launched her second book entitled ‘Your Restaurant: Exceptional Customer Service”. This is a comprehensive guide which has been created to help restaurant owners improve the customer services they render. Simply put, it has been released to help restaurant owners become more effective in helping their customers.

The business world is becoming very competitive. Most business are looking for how to meet the needs of their customers in order to standout and dominate their niches. Adina is an expert in the restaurant as well as hospitality sector. She clearly understands the challenges of business owners.

In her newly released book ‘Your Restaurant: Exceptional Customer Service”, she uses her wealth of experience in explaining how restaurant owners can render top customer services without any compromise. Restaurants are existing to render the best services to customers. To achieve such feat, having an updated knowledge about how their demands are changing is crucial.

In this book, Adina was able to discuss different subject matters like the best ways for managing online reputation, resolving conflicts, motivation and staff training, meeting customers’ expectations, improving service standards and the different levels of service. Th author explained in details what the hospitality industry is all about. It is a book with high-quality content that has a mission to help hospitality managers address the ever-evolving needs of their customers.

According to Adina Brunetti, “In a restaurant, you can do everything right and according to the textbook but forget to concentrate on the main thing: your project is not for you, it is for your guests. And the better your guests feel, the more successful the project is.” Adina describes the ways to implement this vision in her book.

When the book was about to be launched, Adina said “I am elated to have released the book entitled ‘Your Restaurant: Exceptional Customer Service’. Over the years, managers in the hospitality industry have struggled to render the best customer service. This book has been written to help address such problem in the most effective manner. It is my belief that it will help readers understand how to pinpoint the needs of their clients and meet them”.

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