Aerologix, Drone-Tech Startup with $2M Funding, Completes Brazilian Acquisition

Aerologix, Drone-Tech Startup with $2M Funding, Completes Brazilian Acquisition

Sydney-based drone innovation startup Aerologix, supported by a $2 million capital raise, has moved forward its arrangements for worldwide development with the securing of Brazilian planning programming organization Mappa.

Aerologix, which is portrayed as ‘Uber for drones’, sent off in New Zealand recently and presently focusing on the Americas following the Mappa bargain which has been depicted as the missing connection in the organization’s arrangements to make a ‘extensive worldwide robot environment’.

Established in 2019, by previous aircraft pilot Tom Caska and previous innovation advisor Rakesh Routhu, Aerologix coordinates drone administrators with clients that need aeronautical imaging. The organization says it has joined in excess of 29,000 robot pilots since establishment – up from the 23,000 revealed by the organization recently.

Aerologix’s development plans have been fuelled by a $2 million capital raise supported by Lindsay Phillips’ Songbird Accomplices which is multiplying down on past seed raises. The organization is additionally upheld by Ellerston Capital.

Mappa brings to Aerologix a state of the art planning innovation organization that transforms drone information into high goal maps.

Mappa has areas of strength for an in South America and, under Aerologix’s administration, will keep up with tasks overhauling around 185 clients, while its innovation will likewise be integrated into Aerologix’s new contribution, AerologixMaps, which dispatches universally today.

The new contribution is focused on flawlessly coordinating into the Aerologix Robot Biological system, supplementing thecompany’s current AerologixFly application which gives admittance to its licensed Aeropath programming that helps drone pilots take on testing undertakings, for example, vertical resource structure examinations.

Routhu, the Aerologix COO, says Mappa’s innovation is profoundly integral to the Aerologix frameworks.

“Mappa was the missing piece in our plan to build a comprehensive global drone ecosystem,” Routhu says.

“This acquisition not only supercharges our growth in South and North America but also provides a platform for a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, along with additional revenue streams derived from monetising our extensive drone pilot network.”

Caska, the Aerologix Chief, says AerologixMaps has produced ‘colossal’ interest from inside the organization’s developing organization of clients.

“A simple, affordable way of making maps is a real value-add for our customers and we already have more than 175 pilots on the waitlist,” Caska says.

“AerologixMaps also allows us to establish drone pilot networks abroad without having to set up offices in every country.

“When and if we do set up our platform of drone pilot networks in international markets, we will have the correct data to do so. Once again, this gives us a strategic advantage over competitors.”

Aerologix’s innovation upholds 135 different robot types, taking special care of assorted ventures including environmentally friendly power, development, land and foundation.

The organization is one of a modest bunch of robot organizations onboarded into the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) computerized sky stage, meaning the two its Aerologix iOS and android applications ingest CASA weather conditions refreshes, area based data and guides that show where pilots would be able and can’t fly.