AI Capabilities on OnePlus and OPPO Phones will Soon be Powered by Google’s Gemini

AI Capabilities on OnePlus and OPPO Phones will Soon be Powered by Google’s Gemini

The original press release “mistakenly mentioned” the Gemini Ultra Large Model, according to OnePlus, which has since clarified the matter. Now that the partnership is exclusively for “Gemini Models,” the corporation has made the announcement without naming any specific individuals. There are three models of Google’s Gemini: Nano, Pro, and Ultra. It is not yet known which type will be offered with the OnePlus 12.

When major firms like Apple and Google are looking to collaborate for AI improvements, you can be sure that the hype around AI is real. But when it comes to integrating AI into their phones, Android smartphone manufacturers have been at the forefront of this movement. Furthermore, OnePlus and OPPO have officially declared their partnership with Google to incorporate AI technologies with Gemini Ultra power into their smartphones. Additionally, OnePlus just updated its phones with an AI-powered photo-erasing function.

Google’s most potent AI model to date is called Gemini Ultra. There are three sizes for the Gemini AI model: Gemini Nano, which is the smallest and works natively on phones like the Pixel 8 Pro; Gemini Pro, which Samsung uses for the Galaxy S24 series; and Gemini Ultra, which is Google’s most potent AI model to date. The details of this partnership are unknown, but according to OnePlus and OPPO, their first AI features—powered by Gemini Ultra—will launch “later this year.”

When these functionalities will be accessible and which phones will support them are not specified in the joint statement from OnePlus and OPPO. But Gemini Ultra is probably only going to be available on the flagship and high-end smartphones that OnePlus and OPPO have released, including the OnePlus 12, 12R, OPPO Find X7 Ultra, and maybe the soon-to-come OnePlus Open 2.

OnePlus has disclosed that, in addition to working with Google, the business is developing Cloud AI-based functionality for its devices. This implies that, like other flagship phones on the market today, future OnePlus phones will be able to use AI for activities like summarizing news articles, audio, and more. Later this year, further information regarding this partnership will be accessible.