Technology and digitalization have changed the way people live today. The advent of technology has updated almost everything in the world. From healthcare to education, everything depends on innovations and digital transformation. Businesses are also transforming with technology while producing more effective products in less time. Technological factors have made every industry so competitive that no entrepreneurs can grow with the same traditional ideas and old technologies. Companies need to embrace new technology to give tough competition to competitors. Customers prefer companies that provide more advanced services and quality products. Businesses that do not embrace new technologies cannot climb the ladder of success. As a result, the competitors will attract all the customers with a more advanced strategy. Businesses need to accept innovations to gain potential growth. Or else customers will not trust the brand with the same old business tactics. Most companies feel reluctant to jump into the new digitalized world due to a lack of well-trained staff and essential knowledge. In such a situation, business consultants are the life saviors of such companies. These professional individuals help businesses grow to the next level of success while implementing advanced strategies with innovations. One such professional in the consultancy firm is Alex Sharpe – a Cybersecurity and risk management consultant.

In the era of digitalization and the Internet of Things (IoT), all small and large businesses rely on data, which is the most crucial asset of any company. Any cyber incident may have a huge impact on the company. For instance, if a credit card company faces malicious cyber-attacks and loses its data to cyber criminals, it may face huge financial loss. The companies can also lose their hard-earned reputation in the industry. Therefore, companies need strong assistance from experts to implement technological strategies aligned with business goes to effectively ensure their cybersecurity. Without a strong consultancy, companies may suffer from numerous losses that may result in the closure of a company.

Be it transforming business on the digital landscape or bringing new technologies, companies must check all of the boxes – training, strong cyber defenses, leveraging technology for competitive advantage, and making plans for the future. It is not possible without street knowledge gained from years of experience. Cyber-like technology must be integrated into traditional corporate governance practices. Consultants like Alex Sharpe enable businesses to embrace technological development for the company’s bright future. They allow business owners to create unique value in the industry. Businesses that work with experienced consultants tend to grow at every development step.

Born on November 19, 1962, Alex Sharpe provides effective solutions to the companies that aim to adopt digital transformation while managing their cyber risk. Mr. Sharpe has more than thirty years of experience in privacy and cybersecurity consultancy with real-world operational expertise. He is different from other experts in the industry. Sharpe has a record of running Profits & Loss (P&Ls) up to $60m. He has vast experience of providing professional consultancy to a large number of corporations and government agencies. He has helped these organizations grow in the digital realm through effective digital transformation.

Due to his vast experience in the industry, Sharpe understands how to maintain a balance between operational effectiveness, business realities, and cybersecurity. He has delivered to clients on every continent except Antarctica.

Born in Nutley, NJ, Sharpe completed his BSEE in Computer Engineering in 1986 with minors in Math and Computer Science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). Later, he enrolled in a master’s program at Johns Hopkins University (JHU), where he completed his Master’s in Systems Engineering, Operations Management, and Program/Project Management. In his long-term career, Sharpe has received two merit awards for his profound experience in cybersecurity and business management consultancy from the Columbia Business School.

Sharpe’s more than three decades of professional career started in 1986 at National Security Agency (NSA). Later, he started working in the management consultancy ranks and building practices at Booz Allen and KPMG. Sharpe co-founded two different firms, including The Hackett Group, where he ran the eBusiness P&L, and eForce, where he ran Global Operations. Sharpe advises business executives and board members about business strategy, cybersecurity, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), and complex program management.

Alex Sharpe is associated with key standards organizations and regulators, like the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), Global Resilience Federation (GRF), InfraGard, ISACA, the Global Digital Currency and Asset Association (Global DCA), ISO, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), and NIST. He is also a member of the board of BWG Strategy and serves as a Mentor for Columbia University’s accelerator.