All That You Need To Know About Distribution Boards

All That You Need To Know About Distribution Boards

A distribution board is comparable to a tree’s roots. The roots absorb water from a water source and distribute it evenly to all branches. A distribution board uses electricity. 

The distribution board is connected to the main power wire. The board then provides power to various circuits. Fuse protection is used on each circuit to ensure safety. Switchboards serve as the distribution board’s final destination and are used to operate and charge devices.


Some of the most important elements of electrical supply are kept in distribution boards. Circuit breakers, bus bars, and bypass machinery from the main switch. Additionally, it contains safeguards against overload, earth leakage, and short circuits. 

You can choose an electrical DB box that satisfies these requirements depending on whether you purchase it for household or commercial use. However, regardless of application, ensure your MCB distribution box is high calibre. 

Types Of Distribution Board ( DB)

 A distribution board’s size is determined by how many circuits—often referred to by businesses as ways or modules—are rewired inside it. Again, depending on your specific demands, you can choose from various main distribution boards. 

These consist of surface-mounted, flush-mounted, horizontal, or vertical layouts. You can also buy MCB DB in various sizes with fewer or more circuits. Understanding the precise type of distribution board you require to guarantee effectiveness, top performance, and safety is critical.

For the highest level of performance, effectiveness, and safety in any construction, it is recommended that you consult a professional before having a DB installed.


 Distribution boards are typically located in obscure or out-of-the-way places, such as the basement, garage, or space beneath the stairs, mostly due to their unsightliness and possibly security concerns. Before building a distribution board, paying careful attention to the placement is necessary. 

The area designated for the distribution board installation must have adequate ventilation to prevent overheating of the consumer unit. It must be easily accessible in case of fire or short circuits so the mains can be shut off immediately. 


 Although their essential function of efficiently distributing power has stayed the same, distribution boards have advanced in form and design with the constantly growing state of technology. The need to hide distribution boards behind boxes or keep them out of sight is no longer necessary because they are now available in attractive forms that have been painstakingly constructed using cutting-edge technology.

Legrand provides a variety of built distribution boards in various colours, finishes, and styles to complement the contemporary decor of your space seamlessly. Legrand distribution boards are constructed using high-quality materials that perfectly combine beauty and practicality. They adhere to industry requirements, and Legrand prioritises user convenience and safety.

Legrand created these designer distribution boards with your needs for functionality and usability in mind, and they will satisfy all of your aesthetic and practical requirements.

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