Amazon Android application just got upgraded with new base bar navigation

Amazon Android application just got upgraded with new base bar navigation

On the off chance that you consistently utilize the Amazon Android application, you’ve presumably seen that it’s… not extraordinary. Individuals have long complained about the application’s design, however fortunately significant changes have been presented that improve the general insight.

Amazon has clearly released an update to its Android application (through Droid-Life) that presents a bottom navigation bar. The bar incorporates quick links to home, your profile, shopping cart, and a menu for your orders, lists, account data, and more. The update all the more intently coordinates with what’s as of now accessible on iOS.

Droid-Life additionally brings up that the Amazon Android application likewise incorporates a font change — or a change to the font size — which you can see in different parts of the application. Generally speaking, the application looks a great deal cleaner and shows up after Amazon changed the Android app’s icon.

Moreover, the Amazon Android application additionally includes pages that are more on-brand for Whole Foods and Fresh. Presently, when you navigate to those pages, you’ll see plans that all the more intently match the brands, including color schemes, logos, and so forth. In other words, it’s more clear when you’re not navigating the ordinary Amazon storefront.

Individuals have been asking Amazon to make changes to its Android application, and those prayers have at last been replied. It’s a welcome development and makes the application look significantly more pleasant, which ought to, thus, makes it simpler for buyers to purchase things.

The updated look of the Amazon application on iOS takes some becoming acclimated to, yet it’s eventually an improvement. Having speedy access to the Whole Foods page makes it simple to scan a barcode that assists with saving money on goods.

It’s unclear now if this is a server-side update or not. Regardless, ensure you have the most recent version of the Amazon Android application, and you should see it in a matter of moments.