Amazon projects Alexa Together, a subscription-based service for seniors

Alexa Together is the new subscription-based service for elderly folks launched by Amazon. It’s a move up to the current Care Hub service and it costs $19.99 each month or $199 each year. Other than the basic features presented by Alexa Care Hub, the new service provides seniors with extra advantages.

These extra advantages incorporate access to an emergency helpline, fall detection response features, a remote assist option that permits relatives to manage settings on the elderly person’s gadget and an activity feed for relatives that will tell them when the maturing client is dynamic.

Alexa Together gives a couple of layers of security insurance. For instance, the senior requirements to permit admittance to the relatives to utilize highlights like Remote Assist. All the more critically, the movement feed has been intended to show that the senior collaborated with Alexa yet won’t show what that association explicitly was.

Amazon declared that all Care Hub clients will get a free year of Alexa Together until December 2, 2022. Clients can likewise pursue a free restricted time, half year preliminary.