Amer Safaee: an Entrepreneur and BAMA Group Company`s owner and his journey of hurdles and commitment

Amer Safaee: an Entrepreneur and BAMA Group Company`s owner and his journey of hurdles and commitment

Amer Safaee is a well-known Entrepreneur and owner of BAMA security group. He was born in an underdeveloped country Afghanistan in 1980, lived a simple life just as a common man lives. He then stepped into his career in Information and Technology for graduation. Later, he established his own company named BAMA security in Afghanistan in 2005. The company has been extended to more than five countries like Turkey, the UK, UAE, Germany and Tajikistan as BAMA security group.

When one looks at the personal life and character of Amer Safaee one will find beautiful things from his personality: he is very charming and cool in character. He loves horse riding, animals, fashion, luxury cars, travelling and healthy food. More interestingly, though he is cool in character on one hand, yet he does not fear to take logical and conditional risks in business.

He believes in hard work, to him resources do not matter in front of firm commitment and hard work. Everyone can achieve success poor or rich, young or old if he thrives sincerely with clear vision. Having passed through various hurdles and challenges, he never gave up instead he became stronger and closer to his vision. To him, he lost two times in his whole life and was sad only two days but later he learned lessons and moved forward with speedy pace.

He has been through the bad conditions of the Middle East market. He faced challenges of multi-fold nature like difficulty in acquiring quality education, lack of resources in starting business, and unattractive environment to boost up Company and ideas. However, he never became upset though he has been resilient to manage risks and obstacles in a proper manner. It is all his commitment and clear vision that has made his successful person.

In fact, his Company`s success reflects his hard work and commitment. Today, he has not only stretched his company from Middle East to European countries but also has invested in beauty and fashion Company as ZAZZ Company in 5 countries. Fascinatingly, he aimed at expanding his company to 50 countries by 2025.