Americans are delighted with LILOPHOTO: what is the secret behind it? 

Americans are delighted with LILOPHOTO: what is the secret behind it? 

Psychologists say good photographs can cure depression. On the other hand, unsuccessful images can reduce self-confidence down to zero in a matter of a second. Especially if the shots become public.

What is the secret of a good photoshoot? Is it the ability to relax in front of the camera and be yourself? But what to do in a case when a person is afraid of the camera? Or ashamed of the photographer?

 An interesting solution was discovered by I ONE COMPANY, LLC. In cooperation with European company UniTel Systems, they have presented the unique project Lilophoto to the American public – the only existing professional photo studio without a photographer.

Why is this photo studio so unique?

Due to the full automation, Lilophoto works without a photographer. In the spacious Lilophoto pavilion at the time of shooting, there are only those who came to be photographed (the room can accommodate up to 8 people) –  so there won’t be anybody who can disturb you during your photoshoot

A professional camera and six modern studio lighting options are available. All the shots are displayed on the big screen. Using touch control, the person decides which photo to choose. Then, you can process the selected frame with four professional filters, applying options of image alignment and zoom.

 The portrait can then be printed on a built-in professional printer and taken with you, while the digital version can be obtained at the specified email address.

So where Lilophoto is located?

America’s first photography studio without a photographer, Lilophoto, opened in January 2023 in Florida at the Miami International Mall. And it has immediately gathered a huge queue of those who wish to participate in the original photo shoot.

 It shows the great interest to the public. And, of course, all the happy smiles with which people came out of the pavilion, with new bright photos in their hands – it just tells about the undoubtful success of the project.

According to the co-owner and vice president of I ONE COMPANY, LLC Maxim Mnyakin, Lilophoto studios will start working throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico and other Latin American countries soon.

“Residents of these countries will be able to appreciate the super-set of functionalities of Lilophoto and look at themselves from a different angle. For the first six months we plan to install 10 new pavilions with the Lilophoto system, and a year later – another 300,” – Maxim Mnyakin said.

How much does a photoshoot at Lilophoto cost?

A photo session of 20 shots, made by a professional camera with the right studio lighting, and the ability to process, print and receive a digital version of one liked image, costs $19.90.

For an additional fee, you can buy the remaining photos from the photo session (all other frames will be deleted). You can also optionally print the selected photo in multiple copies.