An Inside Look at the Music of Matthew Melamed: Exploring His Latest & Hottest Releases

An Inside Look at the Music of Matthew Melamed: Exploring His Latest & Hottest Releases

Israeli singer-songwriter Matthew Melamed has been making waves in the music world with the support of bloggers and Spotify playlist curators such as Roadie-music, Caesar Live N Loud, Nagamag, Talitha Tunes, and more.

His new hot single ‘And I’ and album ‘2006-2013 Collection’ are the perfect introduction to his unique blend of indie-folk production and smooth, intimate sound. With ‘And I’ and the newly released ‘2006-2013 Collection’ now available to stream, we had the opportunity to sit down with Matthew and dive into his influences and the passion that drives his music. As one of the most exciting new acts to emerge in recent times, we’re excited to see where his career takes him next.

What has been the main source of inspiration for your music?

People and experiences in my life. From the relationships I’ve had, to the emotions I’ve felt, it all plays a role in shaping the music I create. My songs often serve as a reflection of my personal journey and the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Can you recall the most memorable experience in your musical journey up to this point?

Probably when my debut single “Oh” was selected as the theme song for the short film ‘Pre-Boarding’. To top it off, the film went on to win the award for Best Short Film at the Nevada Film Festival. It was an incredible feeling to see my music being recognized in such a big way and I’ll never forget that experience.

As a CEO of a major media company in Israel, how do you manage to balance your professional pursuits with your passion for music?

That’s a great question. To be honest, my two career paths have always been intertwined. I initially delved into marketing and technology as a means to promote my own music as a young artist. These days, my home office and recording studio are one and the same. I like to refer to myself as an “Entrepreneur by day, musician by night.”

Finally, what can your fans expect from you in the coming year?

I am excited to announce that I am currently in the process of recording a new album. This will be a first for me as I will be singing in Hebrew. I am also experimenting with different sounds and styles. Additionally, I am looking forward to getting back on stage and performing again.