An international-class expert told what will happen to the barista profession in 5 years

An international-class expert told what will happen to the barista profession in 5 years

There are many reasons to dedicate yourself to the profession of a barista, besides a love for coffee. This is exactly what Mikhail Kiselev believes. He is a certified International Bartenders Association trainer, The Specialty Coffee Association master trainer, owner of an honorary diploma of the Award of Merit of Barista League, author of the unique training program “Barista Skills”. 

Mikhail Kiselev has been in the profession for many years. During this time, he has achieved significant success and his students have become recognized in Europe. Colleagues call Mikhail Kiselev a purposeful and talented professional. Even in Turkey – the recognized capital of coffee – Mikhail Kiselev was in great demand: he was invited to teach local baristas how to make coffee!

We asked Mikhail Kiselev if he sees any prospects for the barista profession in 5 years, and how to start your own coffee business. 

There will be more true coffee connoisseurs

“In the future, the number of coffee fans will increase. And these will be people for whom a coffee shop menu, where there are only Espresso and Americano, is a real tragedy”, – Mikhail Kiselev says. According to him, customers already expect a barista to be able to make coffee according to various recipes, but always with consistently excellent results.

“There is definitely a future for the barista profession. But it is important that the person who is going to master this profession is completely devoted to the cause and is ready to study every day, on and on”, – Mikhail Kiselev emphasizes. 

The need for baristas will increase

The coffee industry is developing at a gigantic rate. Plantations that used to grow tea are now planted with coffee bushes. People all over the planet want to get a quality aromatic and fresh drink prepared in a variety of ways.

“A coffee machine is an essential thing in a coffee house, but it must be operated by a specialist. Therefore, those baristas who know how to work with different devices and know a lot about coffee varieties will be in great demand”, – Mikhail Kiselev says. 

Getting started is not as difficult as it seems

According to the expert, in order to become the owner of a coffee house, you need to take a few more steps besides knowing the intricacies of the barista profession.

Original setting

“People pay not only for a drink, but also for your ability to give it additional meaning”, – Mikhail Kiselev says. Come up with a design that is not found anywhere else, and success awaits you. For example, make buying coffee a quest. Such a coffee house will be popular, because you not only give people coffee, but also captivate them, and arouse their interest in coffee!

Right place 

“Do not wander into inner courtyards or covered markets. Avenues, corner places in squares, and bustling streets are the most profitable locations”, – Mikhail Kiselev recommends.

Proper equipment

First of all, you need a coffee machine, a professional grinder, a set of special dishes, a stove, a showcase refrigerator for desserts, shelves, a working refrigerator, a bar, and a mixer. Over time, other new devices for baristas will be added to the list.

“Your coffee machine must be very good. Coffee must be deliciously prepared, otherwise, you won’t survive competition”, – Mikhail Kiselev says.

Proven suppliers

“If your grains, milk, and other ingredients are good-quality today and bad-quality tomorrow, you will quickly lose customers. To thrive, it is extremely important that the quality of raw materials remains unchanged”, – Mikhail Kiselev says.

Thought-out coffee menu

“Develop a menu that is different from your competitors’. As a start, offer 20 different types of coffee and make each recipe unique”, – Mikhail Kiselev advises.

Good promotion

“All the previous steps are meaningless if you are not known. Do not skimp on advertising and personal PR. These are useful investments, just like equipment and raw materials. Over time, investments will pay off to the cent, and you will earn on your reputation”, – Mikhail Kiselev sums it up.