An interview with Kirk Jakesta about how he went from construction worker to the founder of Bud Nation Agency.

Bud Nation Agency is a Vancouver, Canada based digital marketing firm that offers all-round strategic marketing and advertising growth for your company. CEO and Founder Kirk Jakesta says, ” Bud Nation Agency specializes in Website Development, SEO, Social Media Management and Engagement, Lead-Generation and many more marketing techniques that suits well with your firm and budget.” The customer services and care are exceptional at Bud Nation Agency, the clients can expect to be treated like they are more than just a customer to them, they will be treated like someone that matters, like their business is Bud Nation Agency’s own. If you lose, they lose.

Talking about Kirk Jakesta’s journey from an underachiever to an overachiever that he is now today was absolutely inspiring. He says “I grew up in the aftermath of the residential school system, in an indigenous community that was riddled with Trauma, alcohol, drug abuse as well as physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. From a youth selling drugs to get by to the Founder and CEO of Bud Nation Agency.” He inspiring the lives of many. Even after all the hardships he faced as a child he still never gave up on his dreams and never let the opinion of others get in his mindset.

Initially, he began working as a construction worker to make up for his daily bread. But life had something else planned for him as he was not just a regular child with dreams. He was filled with passion and zest to achieve more and more and that is when his journey as an entrepreneur begun in digital marketing. He layed down the foundations of Bud Nation Agency and started taking his steps forward toward the future he always dreamt of. The reason behind his success is was he was never afraid to take risks but was always afraid to give up. Kirk Jakesta claims, “The only risk is to wait till it’s too late to save your business from going under.”