Analyst Forecasts for the 2023 College Football Game

Analyst Forecasts for the 2023 College Football Game

The 2023 college football season has arrived. Week 0 already happened, but the truth is Week 1 is when things officially kick off.

With that in mind, experts have put together their picks and predictions for the year ahead.

Power 5 conference championship games

John Forde

Florida State vs. Clemson in the ACC. a repeat of the game that will take place in Death Valley on September 23. Florida State wins.

Texas vs. Kansas State in the Big 12. The Longhorns won’t win a conference championship since 2009 when they leave the Big 12 but will play in their first league championship game since 2018. Kansas State wins.

Michigan vs. Wisconsin in the Big Ten. The winner of the East will defeat the winner of the West for the tenth straight season. Success: Michigan

Oregon State vs. Washington in the Pac-12. By leaving the other Power Four leagues in the cold, the Beavers demonstrate what they are missing. Oregon State won.

Georgia at LSU in the SEC. Compared to previous year, this might be closer. But it might not be, too. Result: Georgia

Martin Johnson Clemson vs. Florida State in the ACC. Baby, the Noles are back.

FSU will need to beat Clemson again in order to make its mark on the ACC, but it will defeat the Tigers twice. Result: FSU Texas vs. Kansas State in the Big 12.

By winning the conference, Texas will put an end to the Big 12 era as we currently know it and temper commissioner Brett Yormark’s rhetoric. Champion: Texas

Penn State vs. Illinois in the Big Ten. The Nittany Lions are about to get paid off after all this time of excitement and hammering on the door. They will defeat Michigan and Ohio State during the regular season to advance to the finals. Penn State won.

USC vs. Washington in the Pac-12. USC will come to play and climb the mountaintop it was unable to reach last year, even though offence will be optional in this championship game. Utah won’t get in the Trojans’ way once more, which is beneficial. Champion: USC

Georgia vs. Texas A&M in the SEC. The Aggies will triumph to accomplish what many people consider unthinkable: win the west, despite all the jokes and all the unmet expectations. But when it comes to the SEC championship game, they’ll follow suit. Result: Georgia

Choices for the NCAA Football Playoff

John Forde

Georgia defeats Penn State in the opening round.

Final two: Michigan defeats Florida State

Title contest: Georgia defeats Michigan

For the second year in a straight, there are two Big Ten East representatives? Yes. neither of them taking home the championship? Yes. The Bulldogs have created the ideal beast, which is big, strong, quick, able to impose their will, and capable of performing when it matters most.

Martin Johnson

First semifinal: Penn State defeats Georgia

Final two: USC defeats Texas

Title contest: Penn State defeats USC

The playoff snatchers are welcome at this year’s party. We welcomed some fresh talent last year, and this year we’ll welcome a lot more. Georgia won’t win again, and the outcome of the Rose Bowl rematch from 2005 will be different this time. Drew Allar, the quarterback for the Nittany Lions, will rise to the occasion and defeat Caleb Williams to win the championship.

Heisman forecast

John Forde

Here, it’s assumed that USC’s defence will fail to protect Caleb Williams just long enough for voters to consider Jordan Travis of Florida State as a replacement.

Martin Johnson

Marvin Harrison Jr. of Ohio State will follow DeVonta Smith into wide receiver immortality after a season in which he demonstrates he is the best player in the nation, regardless of position, following Smith’s example of how a wide receiver can win the Heisman.

One audacious assertion

John Forde

Jordan Travis also took home the Heisman Trophy and Oregon State won the Pac-12, right? Let’s go with this: Ohio State will finish third in the East and suffer its first two Big Ten losses since 2011.

Martin Johnson

In the event that Iowa actually averages 25 points per game this season and advances to a bowl game, Brian Ferentz’s position will be secure.

The first head coach sacked

John Forde

Neal Brown of West Virginia enters the season with the highest heat index in the country, and playing Penn State, Pittsburgh, Texas Tech, and TCU in the first month isn’t going to cool things down.

Martin Johnson

New Mexico’s Danny Gonzales. The schedule doesn’t offer many opportunities for FBS victories. Utah State, New Mexico State, or perhaps UMass. Beyond that, Albuquerque may have a miserable season.