Anas Shahid: The Humble Fitness Trainer

Anas Shahid: The Humble Fitness Trainer

As a fitness trainer Anas Shahid is a reputed brand in the circles of Karachi. With his outstanding record of customised modules for his workout programs he is the most preferred trainer in Karachi.

Be it professionals or amateurs, sports or health conscious executives, Anas has trained almost 300 people in 5 years. His clients seem to be happy with the way he grooms their workouts and track their progress. With individual attention his workout sessions are fun to attend and refreshes for the day ahead.

Not just a fitness trainer but Anas is also a fashion blogger and an actor. With a few projects lined up in near future Anas is a well known amongst the celebrity circles of Karachi.
Anas started his career way back in 2015. He just wanted to share how he feels training well and his passion for the same made him an imminent personality in the Fitness Industry. His Marathon run at the Turkey Marathon in 2019 was a feather in his caop.

Sponsored by Vodafone he successfully completed the Marathon. His specialized training helped him to make through it. He says he was determined to do it anyways. God helped him achieve it.
He is associated with Gatorade as it’s brand ambassador in fitness. Anas, despite of his sharp features and muscular physique is a down-to-And a pleasing personality. He says “It is all God given. His only role is to nurture it and take care of it”.

Anas talks to his followers on Instagram who are more than half a million now.