Apple Intends to Acquire a German AI Business in Order to Improve its Vision Pro

Apple Intends to Acquire a German AI Business in Order to Improve its Vision Pro

A media rumor states that Apple intends to purchase German startup Brighter AI.

Apple’s reported acquisition of Brighter AI, a company that specializes in cutting-edge data anonymization methods, is a big step toward improving user privacy in a time when privacy concerns are growing.

With its innovative technology that preserves license plate and face anonymity in photos, Brighter AI has gained recognition and is expected to transform privacy features in Apple goods, especially the Apple Vision Pro.

Privacy Concerns

While filming with an iPhone is obvious and overt, Vision Pro offers a more covert approach, which presents its own set of privacy issues.

Apple has a proactive approach to privacy, as evidenced by the technology it now uses to blur faces and license plates in photos from Apple Maps. This technology was developed in 2015 after thorough testing in the US and Europe.

The Importance of The Purchase

The purchase of Brighter AI has the potential to revolutionize the way that Apple’s ecosystem handles personal data anonymization. With a technique that preserves the natural appearance of subjects in photos, Brighter AI’s technology goes beyond conventional blurring.

Setting a new benchmark for privacy in photo and video capture, this technology has the potential to greatly improve privacy features in Apple Vision Pro and might be incorporated into other devices in the future.

Technology from Brighter AI

Brighter AI is a startup that was founded in 2017 and last financed in February 2023. It is notable for its Deep Natural Anonymization 2.0 technology. This creative method efficiently anonymizes people’s identities in photos without sacrificing image quality like blurring does.

The technology’s capacity to protect privacy while maintaining an image’s natural appearance has a variety of uses, from Apple Vision Pro to other parts of the Apple product range, such as Apple Maps.

On February 2, Apple formally introduced Vision Pro to the US market. Prices begin at $3,500. More than 600 games and apps have been announced by the business for the VisionPro headset.