Apple Is Bringing Advanced AI To Siri, Allowing For Voice Control of Apps

Apple Is Bringing Advanced AI To Siri, Allowing For Voice Control of Apps

Apple is preparing to release an AI-powered update for Siri, its digital assistant, which might challenge Amazon’s popular Alexa.

As a step ahead for Siri’s capabilities, the Cupertino, California-based tech behemoth is developing a new system that will let users manage certain app activities using voice commands, Bloomberg reported on Thursday, May 30.

According to the source, the redesigned Siri would be able to utilize big language models and generative AI to evaluate user behavior on their devices and automatically enable Siri-controlled features within apps. As a result, Siri will be able to operate and navigate through particular app functions with never-before-seen accuracy for the first time. These activities include opening documents, managing emails, taking notes, and summarizing stories in the Apple News app.

According to the source, Apple intends to support hundreds of different commands and eventually enable users to chain numerous requests together, providing a smooth and user-friendly experience, even if the initial rollout will only be available for its own apps. The advancement is a part of Apple’s larger AI strategy, which will be presented on June 10 at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Other AI-powered features, like as automated message answers, voice note transcriptions, and sophisticated photo editing capabilities, will also be unveiled.

According to a report published on Thursday by AppleInsider, the company is now working on improving Siri’s functionality in future operating systems. When creating responses, Siri will have a deeper understanding of context, including people, events, and locations.

Users will be able to ask Siri for a summary of recent alerts using a new feature called “Greymatter Catch Up,” which will make it simpler to remain current without having to open each app individually. According to the article, these enhancements are intended to make Siri more user-friendly and context-aware.

Apple’s decision to expand Siri’s capabilities might have a significant impact on how consumers interact with their devices and the future of eCommerce as the competition for the best virtual assistant intensifies. Siri’s AI-driven development could rival Amazon’s Alexa in shopping experiences by providing more efficient and customized options.