Apple May Soon Release A Password Manager of Its Own

Apple May Soon Release A Password Manager of Its Own

Passwords can be stored and automatically filled in when login into websites and apps with ease using the finest password managers, and it looks like Apple is going to release one soon.

Making ensuring your passwords are secure and one-of-a-kind is crucial to preventing hackers from accessing them in an era where cyber hygiene is crucial. You can create strong passwords with a password generator, but it can be difficult to remember them.

According to reports, Apple is about to release a new Passwords app that will supposedly make logging into your accounts on iOS and macOS devices quicker and simpler.

Powered by Keychain in iCloud

Those with knowledge of the situation say that the program, which will be included in iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15, will let users create and save passwords for Apple products.

Users can store their login credentials for websites and applications using Apple’s iCloud Keychain function, which has been there for a while. However, it is not a stand-alone program and can only be accessed through the settings on Apple devices.

According to people who talked with Bloomberg, Apple appears to be expanding on this helpful function and turning it into a stand-alone application for usage on all Apple devices. The software will also run on Windows laptops.

If the program is free of charge, it is expected to intensify competition with commercial services and even free password managers. Although the type of authentication required to use the app has not been disclosed, it is expected that users will need to utilize their usual Face ID and Touch ID credentials, much like they do for the Passkeys and iCloud Keychain services.