Arc, an Electric Boat Business, Adds a New Plug-in Sports Boat to its Fleet

Arc, an Electric Boat Business, Adds a New Plug-in Sports Boat to its Fleet

With its newest electric boat model, the Arc Sport, a wake sports boat, Arc is prepared to make a big impression.

Powered by a 570-horsepower motor and 226kWh of battery storage, Arc promises that the Arc Sport will offer “more than double the torque of most premium wake boats.” The wake sports market, which has been dubbed the fastest-growing water sports category globally, is the target market for the new model.

This implies that it’s also having a significant negative effect on the ecosystem, particularly in the lakes region, where the majority of wake sports boats are operated. Furthermore, even though the Arc Sport won’t emit any carbon dioxide, it will nevertheless have an effect on marine life. It has been reported that wake boats can disturb lake bottom sediment, which can harm plant life.

Nor will Arc’s new yacht be inexpensive. With a starting price of $258,000, the Arc Sport is targeted towards consumers who have greater disposable income for upscale goods than the average. Nevertheless, the business claims that the Arc Sport is an attempt to bring the $4 billion sports boat market—which still uses what it refers to as “outdated technology”—up to date.

In contrast, Arc says that their new wake sports boat, which runs on software created internally by the company’s engineering staff, is a technological marvel. To guarantee that the Arc Sport’s operating system never becomes outdated, over-the-air software updates will be made available.

“Unlike gas boats that start depreciating the day they’re built, the Arc Sport gets more intelligent — and more performant — over time,” the company said. “No other boat on the water today is capable of this.”

The Arc Sport has a maximum capacity of 15 passengers and measures 23 feet in length. The peak speed of the company’s flagship Arc One boat is 40 mph; however, this is not stated. (It is arguable how strict that limit is). One reviewer mentioned going faster than 40 mph in the Arc One.)

Wake is the focal point of wake sports. Furthermore, Arc claims that it takes seriously its ability to create waves. According to the manufacturer, the Arc Sport is equipped with “enough battery, ballast, and wake shaping technology” to produce waves that are genuinely remarkable.

Arc has institutional funding from venture capital firms like Eclipse Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Lowercarbon Capital, Menlo Ventures, and Abstract Ventures in addition to financial contributions from well-known investors like Will Smith, Kevin Durant, and Sean “Diddy” Combs. Over the course of two funding rounds, the firm has collected over $110 million, and it presently employs over 100 people, including veterans from SpaceX, Tesla, Rivian, and Lyft as well as marine industry mainstays like Brunswick and MarineMax.

The Arc Sport goes on sale today, but the Arc One is currently sold out. It is anticipated that deliveries will begin later this year.