Armor Group invests 20% of the French photovoltaic company Holosolis

Armor Group invests 20% of the French photovoltaic company Holosolis

French synthetic maker Shield Gathering has procured a 20% stake in PV producing startup Holosolis.

Neither Armor Group nor Holosolis uncovered how much speculation. After the obtaining, Armor Group will pull up a chair on the administrative board close by different investors including EIT InnoEnergy, IDEC bunch and TSE.

Armor Group Gathering guaranteed that its aptitude in meager film innovation can assist with speeding up the improvement of perovskite-silicon pair sun powered cells. The gathering’s involvement with the French, German and more extensive European business sectors can likewise uphold Holosolis’ business improvement.

“After concentrating our efforts for several years on organic solar cells, which has proved to be a very promising but still immature technology, we have decided to focus our efforts on new-generation modules, because solving the climate crisis cannot wait and the need to act is urgent,” said Hubert de Boisredon, CEO of Armor Group.

Holosolis director Jan Jacob Blast Wichers said Reinforcement Gathering’s vision could assist with fortifying Holosolis’ business, as Holosolis plans to modify a French and European sun based PV industry “capable of responding to the power of China”.

Holosolis reported plans to construct a 5GW sun powered module gathering plant in France in May. The plant will be situated in the upper east of France in Sarreguemines, near the German line. Business creation will begin in 2025, with full ability to be reached in 2027.

After the declaration of the arrangement, Holosolis consented to an essential cooperation arrangement with German examination association Fraunhofer ISE to help the arrangement of its PV creation line in France. The joint effort plans to assemble savvy and proficient PV modules in Europe, in view of passage oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) sun oriented cells. Fraunhofer ISE will uphold the startup in choosing the innovation and arranging the manufacturing plant at the idea plan and development stages.

German innovation bunch and PV part maker Heraeus obtained an undisclosed stake in October. Heraus said that it will supply Holosolis with its silver metallisation glues, a vital part in the assembling of sun based cells.