Arsalan Kashi Famous Asian Influencer

Arsalan Kashi Famous Asian Influencer

Mehdi Kashi, nicknamed Arsalan (Mahdi) Kashi, was born on October 26, 2000 in Tehran and is a medical student in Babol.

Introducing the influencer from Arsalan:

First of all, we need to know who Influencer is called on Instagram and what its features are.

Unfortunately, the misconception about influencer is that anyone who posts a lot and has a high follower will become an influencer… if that is not the case at all.

Influencer is someone who has something to say in a certain field, influencers are often people who have a very good relationship with people and can influence others very quickly, they can convince others to make different choices with their knowledge. , An influencer is someone who produces content or so-called blog… This content production is in line with the goal that the blogger pursues. (So each influencer has a purpose and works in a specific field.)

A real influencer knows that his power increases with the attention of the people, so he always tries to satisfy his followers and people trust him, so most influencers, if they are going to promote a particular brand product, Clearly, they critique its strengths and weaknesses and never exaggerate. Also, brands that refer to influencers are often reputable and successful brands that are well aware of the mission of an influencer.

Get acquainted with the types of influencers !!!
You may be familiar with different influencers, but did you know that there are different types of influencers? Of course, influencers can grow in a variety of subjects and specialties, but the majority of influencers fall into the following categories.

Beauty Influencers Influencers who work in the field of cosmetics and beauty, this category of influencers often have a female audience, but this is not because men are not suitable for this or can not become a beauty influencer…

Beauty Influencer aims at cosmetics, skin, hair, body and anything related to beauty, and is often summarized in the field of introducing reputable cosmetics brands and beauty products.


Influencer fashion refers to influencers who work in the field of fashion, clothing and briefly in the field of style. Fashion influencers are often people who have a beautiful appearance and can rely on their knowledge in the field of fashion and can be a good guide for people.

The goal of fashion influencers is to work in the field of fashion, and sometimes their training is related to choosing the right clothes and beautiful sets, and different brands in the field of fashion often go to this group of influencers.

Travel and tourism
Influencer tourists are influencers who work in the field of tourism and travel, most of these influencers experience a lot of travel and the people who follow them are mostly people who are very interested in travel and travel and like cozy places. And take advantage of suitable tourism opportunities.

Influencer tourists aim to produce content in the field of travel and tourism. They share excitement and share a sense of calm. Most brand travel agencies are interested in working with an influencer in this field or promoting tourist tours on this occasion. And capture more market.