Ashkan Kagan, a Music Producer in Iran, said this about arranging music

Ashkan Kagan, a Music Producer in Iran, said this about arranging music

Ashkan Bashiri, with the stage name Ashkan Kagan, is a modern and popular Iranian hip-hop Producer who managed to arrange 70% of Iran’s drill music. He said about the arrangement:

Just like many other careers related to music, becoming an arranger is not something that happens overnight or has a direct path to it. Many who have now become skilled adjusters spent years just gaining experience and honing their skills. However, here we provide you with general tips that can help you in this direction.

1- Learn about music theory and notation: In order to become a good Producer, you need to increase your literacy and knowledge in the field of music. You must be familiar with music theory and notation and know how to read and write notes in music. In addition, you must keep up with current popular music, know the history of music to be able to work in different genres of music. You will learn these things by reading this article (click)

2- Work on improving your skills: To be a skilled arranger you don’t need to know how to play all the instruments, but also know that most Producers can play many instruments. As an Producer , you must know how to arrange a song and know how to play that song with its special instrument.

3- Focus on a specific field: Adjusters can work in several different fields, but for those who have just stepped on this path, it is better to work in one field to establish their position. Think about your favorite work and see what you like the most. For example, you may like performing classical pieces, recording famous songs, musical theater, or film or series music more than other fields. After determining the career you are interested in, look for job opportunities in that field.