Atlanta GA Fitness Nutrition And Health Community Expert Launched New Website

Atlanta GA Fitness Nutrition And Health Community Expert Launched New Website

Atlanta-based personal trainer and nutrition specialist Anyla Fulton has launched her fitness and mental health awareness website, offering people virtual workout programs and nutritional advice.

Anyla Fulton, a certified fitness coach and nutrition specialist from Atlanta GA, has recently launched her fitness, health, and nutritional awareness website, offering student and young adults premium online resources and programs designed to support their physical wellbeing.

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The newly launched female-owned brand aims to align people’s physical and mental health, encouraging them to stay focused, build resilience, and adopt positive mindsets. The site’s creator Anyla Fulton is an ISSA personal trainer and nutrition specialist, dedicated to helping college students and young adults improve their physical and mental fitness as a foundation for adopting healthy habits throughout adulthood.

Fulton’s new online fitness community gives people exclusive access to the FFA (Fulton Fit Academy) app, where members can track their weight, reps, and overall progress, supporting people at every stage of their fitness journey. The newly launched platform allows people to upload their before and after photos, record their physical statistics, and set any nutritional goals.

Members of the FFA also gain access to 24/7 text support with a fitness coach, in addition to weekly coaching calls and personal nutritional support, customizing advice for each individual member’s needs. Moreover, Fulton’s newly released app showcases customized video workouts and is compatible with Apple watches and fit bits, for enhanced custom data tracking.

New members receive complimentary gifts, eBooks on nutrition, and a self care journal for supporting their mental, as well as physical, health. This online fitness and nutrition service is perfect for college students and recent graduates who want to maintain their physical and mental health as they make the transition from childhood to adulthood and potentially begin working full-time.

In addition to being a fitness expert and a young entrepreneur, Fulton is also a freshman at Agnes Scott College, where she majors in business marketing. Anyla Fulton said “I created this online fitness community in order to help people who like to have a variety of workouts that they are able to do from home because they may not have enough hours in their day to get to a gym.”

More information about pricing and contact details is available at the URL above, or by calling +1-404-987-0198.

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