Automation Allowed Paul Hilse to Create New YouTube Channels

Automation Allowed Paul Hilse to Create New YouTube Channels

From unlikely beginnings as a potential video dating website, YouTube has grown to become one of the biggest online platforms in the world. According to Pew Research, a whopping 74% of U.S. adults today use YouTube. Even more telling is the fact that YouTube has been reported by Hootsuite as the world’s second most-visited website, beaten only by Google.

Given YouTube’s enormous success, it’s no surprise that countless content creators owe their own successes to the website. For example, PewDiePie, one of YouTube’s most-subscribed channels, has amassed an estimated net worth of over forty million dollars in just over a decade on the platform. Such success stories, these rags-to-riches tales of fame and fortune, have exposed the potential rewards of YouTube channels to the world. 

Given this, Paul Hilse discovered, and perfected, a business model that makes YouTube approachable to almost anyone. Through his unique approach to YouTube Automation, Paul 

has helped establish countless channels through his media company, with each of these channels making passive income.

By learning when and how to outsource, Paul was able to exponentially grow his media empire of personal YouTube channels. Aside from transforming channels into passive income sources, Automation also freed up Paul’s time to enable him to focus on scaling and creating new channels. Relatively low overhead costs involved in outsourcing content creation, equivalent to $30-$40 worth for each video, also means that Paul earns up to 90% profit margins through his media company.

Comparing YouTube Automation with his experience in other business models like e-commerce, Paul explains that, “In e-com, we generated over 500k in revenue but our profit margins were nonexistent. With YouTube Automation, we consistently generate 5-10k per month in passive income in just a few months with a channel. It might sound too good to be true, but we have the results to back it up.”

Aside from these, Paul Hilse also offers Automation services that are a hands-free alternative for entrepreneurs who are looking for more modern investments. These services involve the handling of all aspects of a YouTube channel, covering everything from backend to frontend, full channel management, and content creation. As a bonus, courses and coaching come included with the Automation services.

Success through YouTube automation has been immensely profitable for Paul. His focus, however, remains in sharing the financial freedom he now experiences with others like him.

“When I was 18, our family business got scammed and we all became homeless in a snap.” shares Paul Hilse. The experience, and his father’s guidance through that difficult time, inspired Paul to help others rise from the despair of financial failure, and these experiences continue to color his choices today. 

“From my dad, I realized that money should not be the main focus; it’s only a means to an end. Instead, I want to have a burning desire for impact, to leave a lasting legacy by focusing on changing people’s lives and uplifting communities.”