Avianca Reveals New Business Model And Branding

Avianca Reveals New Business Model And Branding

Colombian transporter Avianca has divulged another brand, and presently it will be basically known as avianca carriers (without the capital A). The presentation of this new uniform accompanies an apparently calm change of the carrier’s plan of action, which has now “quit being for a couple and is currently for everybody,” it said in a proclamation.

The new avianca

Adrian Neuhauser, avianca carriers CEO (Chief), said in a question and answer session today that the organization has gone through what might be the “best reevaluation of an aircraft throughout the entire existence of flying.” He added,

“That’s why today we say hello to avianca in lowercase and goodbye to the uppercase ‘A’ of the past. This is a brand that honors our history and, at the same time, represents what we are today: a renewed avianca: friendly, agile, accessible, attentive, and cheerful. An avianca that looks you in the eye and calls you by your name. An avianca where everybody is welcome and where the sky belongs to all.”

Since petitioning for Part 11 chapter 11 out of 2020, the Colombian transporter has moved the plan of action from a full-administration situated to one that looks like the flourishing minimal expense plan of action. This has not generally worked out in a good way for explorers who had been utilized to the previous Avianca (with capital letter).

The organization rearranged and reconfigured its business to make due in a complicated climate. It rose up out of the Section 11 cycle close by Aeromexico and LATAM Carriers. Different transporters in the area (11 altogether somewhere in the range of 2020 and 2023) have not been so effective and have collapsed.

Has this change worked out positively?

Over the most recent three years, avianca has executed a few drives to turn out to be more proficient, serious, and feasible. The organization was feeling tension from minimal expense and super minimal expense rivals in the district, like Wingo, Sky Carrier, JetSMART, and the now dead Viva Air and Ultra Air.

One of the main drives presented by avianca was the 20% increment in limit in the aircraft’s Airbus A320 armada. Presently, the organization offers 180 seats in every one of its A320s.

Moreover, avianca has smoothed out its armada, which once had ATRs, and Airbus A330s. Presently, it just works two airplanes types for planned traveler administrations: the A320-family based for short and medium-pull tasks and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner-family based for medium and long stretch activities. It has an armada of 140 traveler airplane. The organization is getting 16 more A320 airplane beginning this month and an extra 100 A320neo airplane from 2025.

avianca additionally presented four unique sizes, permitting clients to pick how they need to fly and pay just for what they need. The organization offers four sizes in economy (XS, S, M, and L) and one in business (XXL) for trips in America; three sizes in economy (S, M, and L) and one in business (XXL) for trips in Europe, as well as 15 extra items and administrations for customization.

As of October 2023, avianca aircrafts offers 146 courses to 74 objections and covers 24 nations. In 2023, it sent off 26 new courses and served eight new objections, including Ipiales, Cuzco, Belo Horizonte, Manaos, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Oakland.

While working in Ecuador and Focal America, avianca’s essential market is Colombia, where the organization offers 31.9 million seats, with more than 26.9 million clients flying inside and outside the country in 2023.