Aviateur Co launches Kickstarter Campaign for Infantry Watches

Aviateur Co launches Kickstarter Campaign for Infantry Watches

Watches tend to be a staple accessory for a lot of people but they can also be quite costly. Aviateur Co wanted to create something that was fashionable and functional, which is why they launched their Kickstarter Campaign to fund their range of Infantry DIY Modular Watches.

The Infantry campaign is the third one to be created by the company because of the success they had from their first two launched with and initial goal of $10,000 CAD, but they actually raised over $200,000 with 1,155 backers.

Doesn’t matter how old we become, we will also have our toys. Whether its cars, shoes, or watches; we all have things that we collect. The Infantry watch is designed to resemble fighter jet engines and combines style and an aspect of childhood back into people’s lives by allowing consumers to put the parts together themselves and customize it the way that they want to. This particular watch took over 2 years to be developed and during testing, they found out out that there can be over 1000s of different combinations to match any style. 

There are already companies that have dabbled in the modular watch concept, but Aviateur Co wanted to create a product with unique designs, great materials, array of colors, and delicate craftsmanship. They saw that the concept was very limited and other companies had compromised build quality for price and there weren’t a lot of styles and varieties.

The current watches are available in four base models; The Skeleton MKI, Skeleton MKII, 24 hr Military Time and Analog with Date. The modular design of the watch allows the wearer to interchange the dial with movement, face plate, ring, strap. The Infantry watches come in 42mm unisex cases, featuring stainless steel, silicon, or genuine leather straps and are waterproof up to 100 meters. Backers of the Kickstarter Campaign will also receive a 2-year components warranty and a luxury wooden finish box.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign here and the perks when people sign up include a special Super Early Bird price of CA$ 300 which includes infantry modular watch, any components and a luxury box, saving over 45% off the MSRP and all watches deliver worldwide for free.