Bangladesh features Turkey’s humanitarian aid to Rohingya displaced people

Bangladesh features Turkey’s humanitarian aid to Rohingya displaced people

Bangladesh has featured Turkey’s and the nation’s nongovernmental organizations’ (NGOs) broad humanitarian aid to a huge number of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims who took asylum in the nation, escaping from mistreatment in their country.

“Turkey and the international community are doing a lot to help Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh by setting up refugee camps and providing extensive humanitarian aid,” the Ambassador of Bangladesh to Turkey Allama Siddiki revealed to Daily Sabah on the sideline of a reception to celebrate international mother language day.

Focusing on that Myanmar’s atrocities and their refusal to perceive the Rohingya Muslims as natives are past international laws, Siddiki called for the international community to pay more attention to the Rohingya emergency. Siddiki noticed that Bangladesh would apply each exertion inside its capacity and ability to give humanitarian aid to guarantee that Rohingya Muslims will most likely return their country.

Escaping from systematic ethnic and religious mistreatment by Myanmar’s security forces, a huge number of Rohingya individuals took safe house in Bangladesh and have been endeavoring to make due in the nation since August 2017, when the anti-Rohingya assaults started. Turkey is in the forefront of the Rohingya issue on the ground with its state-sponsored humanitarian aid foundations and nongovernmental charity associations just as on an international level by sorting out a crisis meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and advocating for the Rohingya in the U.N. General Assembly.

The nation has so far connected with something like 700,000 Rohingya Muslims with humanitarian aid. Turkish NGOs set up camps, hospitals, and water wells and conveyed help to the community. In one year, in excess of 2,000 tons of food packages were conveyed to dislodged Rohingya Muslims.