Barion McQueen: Becoming one of the top business consultants in the world

Barion McQueen: Becoming one of the top business consultants in the world

In a world filled with fresh and exciting opportunities, it’s by no means easy to excel. On the contrary, given that basically anyone has the possibility (at least in theory) to rise to the top, our world has become more competitive than ever before.

This is why cases like Barion McQueen’s stand out. Born in Delaware, in 1985, Barion’s ascent to the top wasn’t necessarily a smooth one or free of bumps in the road. But despite that, despite the huge number of people vying for the exact same job, Barion rose above and became one of the leading business consultants of the world.

Having collaborated with big-name brands such as Coca-Cola, Levi’s, Adidas and Mercedes Benz, Barion McQueen has built himself a reputation of being a fearless businessman and of understanding what people truly need.

Through hard work, he managed to turn his passion for business and marketing into a profitable career.

In 2012, he launched the most ambitious project of his career to date, The Brand Castle, a collective of brilliant individuals, with a focus on marketing and branding. In the last eight years, The Brand Castle, with Barion McQueen as CEO, has become one of the leading names in SEO and social media marketing.

In his long and versatile career as a business consultant, Barion used his background as a former rap artist to understand what struggling businesses (and struggling artists alike) truly need in order to grow.

He developed a hands-on approach, based on his own experience, rather than the advice traditional marketers give to growing businesses. This is what has set Barion McQueen apart, in his years as a business consultant.

It’s not enough to look the part, you also need to speak your client’s language, to be able to easily identify what it is their business is desperately craving, and Barion has developed a sixth sense for that.

How did Barion McQueen become one of the leading business consultants in today’s world?

By understanding what businesses needed. The reason many business consultants fail in their chosen field is that they stick to the script, they offer the same bland advice as their competitors, which makes potential clients doubt their value.

The reason Barion is one of the most relevant business consultants out there is that he didn’t stick to the script, preferring to take risks. His unconventional marketing approach made him a highly sought-after consultant, both for small to medium-sized businesses, struggling for their big breakthrough, and by some of the leading names in the industry, like Coca-Cola.

In 2019, Barion McQueen debuted as a marketing author, as well, publishing his first guide to growing your business, entitled “Why Won’t My Business Grow?”. Based on his extensive experience in digital marketing and web development, the book highlights some of the most common mistakes Barion encountered in his career as a consultant.