Barry Kibwika, Aka Harnun, Creates A Legacy Of His Own In The World Of Entrepreneurship

Barry Kibwika, Aka Harnun, Creates A Legacy Of His Own In The World Of Entrepreneurship

He shares deets of how he thrived with his fashion lines.

Success can mean different things to different people. The kind of success people ultimately attain in their lives depends on the choices they make on their path and along their journey. These choices help make them the individuals and professionals they become in their respective industries. The world of businesses is a tough place to be in. It can, on one end, show people amazing opportunities, and on the other end, can also present them with umpteen numbers of odds and challenges; however, individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs who show the right mental attitude, grit, and courage to take on their dreams go ahead in facing the storms. Barry Kibwika, aka Harnun, did the same, and today has become a self-made success story, which he is proud of.

His success came to him through his fashion lines named “Sabaa” and “The 47th Dynasty”. These fashion lines have been making a lot of buzz for all the right reasons because it displays the genius of Harnun in fashion, which is an excellent mix of modern ideas with ancestral designs. Harnun has today come forward to share deets and reasons that he believes have helped him thrive outstandingly in the industry. “First of all, I would like to mention the sense of patience that I have developed through the years right since the time I began designing. This patience has always given me more courage to face the challenges and allowed me to go with the flow in a fiercely competitive industry,” says the young entrepreneur.

Adding further, he says, “My headstrong attitude and confidence helped me face the challenges in my career, where I have tried to create a brand that could represent the past and future and still would remain modern for people to confidently wear and represent.” Harnun goes ahead in explaining that his pure passion and commitment to growing his fashion lines have helped him inspire greatness and uniqueness in the field as he has also worked with the goal to inspire people of colour across the globe to embrace and discover their own cultural history.

Even in the coming years, Harnun wants to give homage to the rich cultural past with a modern twist with his designs, where most of them have a simple idea and a rough sketch, not anything fancy, but only classic and noble. To gather more information, visit the website: and follow him on Instagram @harnunofficial