Becoming Your Own Boss – Alexandra Fasulo

Freelancer and Entrepreneur, Alexandra Fasulo, has created a great amount of success for herself on the platform, Fiverr. Upon moving to New York at age 20 in 2015 Alexandra was hired for a job in public relations but decided to quit after only a month. Once she parted ways with her old job she decided to continue with the FIverr account she made. Fiverr is a platform for freelancers to advertise their services. Alexandra had opened an account to earn some extra cash on the side but it was now her new source of income. She listed nine new services priced at five dollars each but she could have never anticipated what she would wake up to. She checked her account in the morning and was shocked by the amount of success that was accumulated overnight. She received seven to nine orders at a time and after her first day of writing she made $100. 

Her success continued to skyrocket from there and she was almost unable to complete all of these orders. Her success at such a young age was so new and she found herself intimidated by it. In her first year on Fiverr she earned $33,000 and slowly raised her rates higher to reflect her rising success. After being approved for the top tier section of Fiverr, Fiverr Pro, she was provided with more high end clients. She was now writing for large political figures and even a member of the British royal family, her clients are all anonymous. With this new top tier of Fiverr her income was boosted from $81,000 in 2017 to already earning $151,000 by mid 2020. Alexandra works monday through friday about nine hours a day and sometimes works a couple of hours on the weekend. 

Alexandra was not used to this much income and she actually did not know what to do with all this cash flow but she was very grateful to finally be able to move into her dream apartment in Brooklyn Heights. Alexandra says that she wakes up everyday astonished at the lifestyle that she is able to live thanks to Fiverr and appreciated the small luxuries like a working elevator and being able to see the sun from her apartment. She has become somewhat of an advocate for Fiverr by going on her Instagram and sharing tips and tricks on how to get started as a freelancer. She had imagined that she would be able to pay rent and bills with Fiverr but never imagined being able to create the success she has today.