Proctoring exams in a traditional way is a tedious task. The organization has to hire people or send their employees to proctor the exams physically. But with the advancement in technology, where everything is getting simpler day by day, this problem is also solved. Online proctored exams are now possible where there is no need for the physical presence of the examiner while the examinee is monitored perfectly. There are various advantages of this process, and many shortcomings of the traditional proctoring process are now redundant. This method is highly advantageous for the recruitment process that happens very often. It helps in selecting the truly deserving candidates and filters out the unfaithful ones. 

Though they are many advantages but here are some key benefits of the online proctoring process for recruitment:

1. Eliminate the need for physical proctoring

One of the main advantages of proctored exams for hiring is that there is no need for individuals to do physical proctoring during the exam. When companies go for the recruitment process to a particular college or university, the employees of the company are supposed to proctor the exam of hiring. Their time is precious, and they could utilize it elsewhere instead of proctoring. So the online proctored exams save the time of the employees by reducing their need for physical proctoring. For physical proctoring, a person has to travel to the place of the exam. By online proctoring, the need to travel is avoided, and it saves money. Travelling is often tiring and time-consuming. Saving all this by proctored exams is a great idea.

2. Simplified exam scheduling

The online proctored exams make it easier to schedule tests than traditional scheduling. Earlier, the number of students appearing for the test and the room required to accommodate them used to pose problems. Using the proctored examination, this problem is solved. The students can take up exams sitting at their place while being properly monitored. The work of scheduling the exams is tedious and takes a lot of effort. With proctored exams, the efforts are reduced, and the exams are carried out hassle-free. 

3. Advance exam security

Another great advantage of proctored exams for hiring is that it prevents malpractice during the exams. Without online proctoring, the students are free to indulge in cheating and using unfair means to pass the exam. With proctored exams, it is important for the person appearing for the test to turn on their web camera. This leads to the monitoring of their every small move and thus leading to a reduction of malpractice. Along with the web-cam, there are certainly other methods to ensure that there are no unfair means during the exam. Like the candidate must upload his Identification Card and a click a real-time picture. This ensures that it is the same person who is appearing for the exam. Next, simultaneous video recording helps to keep proof of the exam. Next, some algorithms close the test if a person switches tabs or uses a mobile phone. This is just like the teacher snatching the paper for cheating during the exam. All these methods ensure that the exam is carried out fairly and deserving candidates are selected for the hiring process.

4. Quick results

With the algorithms and software used in the proctored exams, the students get an idea of whether they cleared the exam or not. For some tests, as soon as they submit the test, their result is displayed. This saves the time of both the recruiter and the candidate. The recruiter does not have to go through thousands of answer sheets and compile the result. They have to look at the final result online, apply an upper or lower limit and select the students. So much of their work is made easy and fast by using online proctored exams. Then, for the students, with the idea of the result, they can start preparing for their next test accordingly and not waste their time waiting for the result. In the case of cheating, their test is closed immediately, and they know the result automatically with no false hopes. This is a great feature which helps both the recruiter and the candidate equally. 

5. Easy communication

One of the features of the software for an online proctored exam is that the candidate can communicate with the recruiter while giving the test. There are chat boxes at the side of the screen that enables them to communicate to the recruiter. In case of any doubt, the candidate does not have to wait for the right person to come and answer. With a few clicks, the recruiter solves the query of the candidates without wasting their time. During the time of login, the pop-up messages can help them to login easily without any problem. This feature is great when there are a large number of students appearing for the test, but the number of individuals to proctor them is less. Online proctoring solves their problem and conducts the test seamlessly.

6. Increase in privacy

Many people like to take their exams in private, without anyone knowing. Some people also perform less efficiently in-crowd and public places. Online proctored exams allow them to take their tests from their private places which solve all their problems. With online proctoring, the organization does not need to send individuals to the place of the exam. This leads to an increase in the number of tests and an increase in options for their selection. With online proctoring, the organization can target more universities to let their students take tests and select the perfect candidate from a wide range. 

The above-mentioned advantages benefit both the parties equally. There is no downside to the proctored exam for hiring. The online proctoring of exams has made life easier for both recruiter and the person appearing for the test. So, if you are looking going to start your recruitment process, go through these advantages and start online proctoring now. It will surely benefit your organization.