Benefits of Hiring Remote Tech-Talent

Benefits of Hiring Remote Tech-Talent

Post-pandemic many companies show interest in working with remote tech talents. You might have come across many stories on how tech talents are benefitting from remote working opportunities. But you might not have seen the other side of the coin. Yes, organizations can also benefit a lot by hiring remote tech-talent.

If you are wondering whether or not to hire remote workers, here are the benefits of this hiring you should know about:

For Better Productivity

According to a study, nearly 61% of workers have expressed that working remotely has improved their productivity. But many companies are avoiding remote talents with one thought in common. It is that workers will not be productive when they work remotely.

A study was conducted among hiring managers. This study shows that 68% of hiring managers feel that after their employees started remote working, things have become better. Here are some reasons for better productivity:

Better Satisfaction to Employees

As an employer, you will not deny one thing. The more satisfied your employees are, the better will be their productivity. Again, working remotely brings great satisfaction to employees. So, their loyalty towards their employers improves. In turn, they start giving their best. Employees feel satisfied with remote working for the following reasons:

When employees feel more satisfied with an organization, your business can achieve higher:

According to a report remote sales agents are able to close 30% more deals than traditional agents. The same rule applies to techtalents as well.


Hiring remote techtalents can bring cost-saving benefits to your business. You can hire them via a freelancer hiring platform. Nowadays, you can find platforms that do not charge a hefty price for hiring talents. Above all, you can find and compare many talents before hiring them.

The cost to the company in hiring remote talents will be lesser compared to hiring regular employees. By going remote, IBM was able to save $50 million. Can you imagine how big this savings is?

In addition to these reasons, hiring remote talents can be good for the environment as well. Your employees need not have to use their vehicles to travel. So, lesser traffic and less spending on fuel.