Best Selling Author Matthew Garland has Answers to Your Investment Questions

Best Selling Author Matthew Garland has Answers to Your Investment Questions

In spite of what many one-hit wonders would have you believe, real estate investment and mortgage funding are difficult endeavours. I’m about to introduce you to one of the biggest names in the field and a best-selling author who has developed a successful career and counselled hundreds of clients on the subject. It takes years to learn this trade, and like any investment, one needs to identify the correct project to invest in.

Matthew Garland, commonly known as “MG the Mortgage Guy,” has worked in the mortgage sector for more than 19 years and has funded more than $1 billion in mortgage loans. He has risen to the position of top counsellor and industry leader as a result of his extensive experience and interest in the field.

In addition, Matthew Garland also co-founded “EYL University,” also known as Earn Your Leisure University, a self-directed educational programme that emphasises community-based learning and is well known for teaching people how to become financially independent and investment wise. They offer a variety of resources to aid students in developing practical skills and, more significantly, in realising their personal and professional goals since everyone should have access to financial freedom.

He is also the creator of “Investfest,” an annual financial and investment show, and “Rants and Gems,” a real estate podcast that is currently among the top 50 investing podcasts worldwide. These platforms seek to inform and motivate people from all backgrounds about the ins and outs of real estate. This has greatly aided in creating a clear line of communication between all the stakeholders, which is especially important in the real estate sector of the economy.

Matthew Garland is a highly sought-after advisor since he has developed this skill in the real estate sector via extensive research and experience in the field. He stands out from other real estate investors because he supports homeownership and empowers people by giving them the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve this, regardless of their current situation.

You got to know who to look up to today when you consider investing in real estate. For additional real estate investment advice, you can subscribe to his podcast and follow him on Instagram.