Beyond the Science

Beyond the Science

A Hypothetical Question to all Dear readers (Scientists): –  

Philosophy, now Science and its practical application, and then What next (?)

Any knowledge doesn’t emerge at once, it comes gradually and transforms into new and better one, a kind of evolution.

Philosophy is(a non mathematical knowledge) a way of thinking and asking questions about the world, by observing it without any practical experiment.  And as we know it almost got transformed into science and science’s practical application called technology.

Science is the knowledge about natural world that is based on facts learned through observation and experiments.Will science get transformed into something which will not be a science rather something else called then what for instance?

Then what (?) would be, probably a non mathematical knowledge, something beyond and above the mathematics, science.  Just like science is advance than philosophy and then what (?) would be advance than the science.

To you, dear reader (Scientists), what it would be like, can you define or imagine it? Watching through the spectacles of science or rather imagining beyond the science. Though it sounds and seems weird, rather mind-boggling even then it deserves our attention and the answer.

S. Abbas Ali Shah  
Hazara, KPK, Pakistan

I am a philosopher not a scientist. Science is everywhere, philosophy is almost transformed. So, to you, is there a probability of happening then what (?). Whether it rests between somewhere in the probability scale of Yes or No, or the science is ultimate achievement, a dead end? To get the broader visualization, imagination, share it with all, without any discrimination (of gender, age, borders or Religion).

Thank you very much for grasping the idea, hypothesis.