Bill & Ted Face the Music Clip uncovers Kristen Schaal’s Backstory

Bill & Ted Face the Music Clip uncovers Kristen Schaal’s Backstory

After decades of waiting, the finish of the Bill & Ted trilogy is almost here. Bill & Ted Face the Music will see the slacker wannabe rock stars altogether grown up with families of their own, obviously as yet being slacker wannabe rock stars. The duo have up to this point failed to compose the song that was destined to save humanity, compelling the future to indeed mediate to be certain everything occurs as it should.

While the new film will see the arrival of all our preferred characters, including Bill & Ted, yet additionally Death, there will be at least one adored character missing. George Carlin is no longer with us thus Rufus, the man who truly began everything by giving Bill and Ted their first mission will likewise be gone. We’ve found in the trailer for Face the Music that Kristen Schaal will play a new character who will be Bill and Ted’s shepherd this time around, and in a new clip we get familiar with more about who the character is, and truly, she’s associated with Rufus.

So Kristen Schaal’s character is named Kelly and she’s really the little girl of Rufus. This is really a couple of associations with the late George Carlin. While we didn’t know as of not long ago that Schaal was playing a character named Kelly, the writers of Bill & Ted Face the Music had recently uncovered that there was a character named Kelly in the film, who had been given that name on the grounds that Carlin’s own daughter was named Kelly. So for this situation, Schaal’s character is a tribute for both the fictional character of Rufus and the genuine man who played him also.

While George Carlin’s Rufus was unquestionably never the focus of the movies, he was still imperative to both of the past movies. William Sadler, who plays Death, had recently expressed that the loss of Carlin had been one of the major stumbling blocks to getting the third film off the ground, as, without the man who went about as the catalyst for the activity, it was hard to manufacture a new story.

This clip is additionally decent on the grounds that it gives us some all-inclusive time with two of the film’s significant new characters, the daughters of Bill & Ted. Brigette Lundy-Paine plays Billie Logan and Samara Weaving plays the role of Thea Preston. We see from the trailer that the girls will go on a time-traveling experience of their own one of a kind in parallel with the one their fathers take to attempt to discover the song they have to save reality from collapsing.

Bill & Ted Face the Music shows up on VOD and in select theaters on August 28.