Biography of Ali Riaz Malik CEO of Bahria Town in Pakistan – Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik Activities & Projects

Biography of Ali Riaz Malik CEO of Bahria Town in Pakistan – Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik Activities & Projects

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is a very good CEO of a real estate organization. The man is one of the richest people in Pakistan and the son of a real estate developer. He is the CEO of a well-known company Bahria Town. His father’s name is Riaz Hussain, who is a very good real estate developer. On the other hand, he is seen as a visionary leader and runs a great business in the industry. He has a very good knowledge of business which helps his industry greatly, and his father is a well-known leader in the real estate industry.

Education & Career

Ali Riaz Malik was born in Pakistan’s Rawalpindi in 1978. He completed his school education well in 1999. His school name was Beacon House School and Ali Riaz, after completing the education, he thought of joining his father’s business. Because his father was a good leader in the real estate industry, he thought it right to follow his path. As soon as his education was completed, he joined his father’s business, and he had the dedication and knowledge and interest that he needed in the real estate industry. There was no problem in joining his father’s business, which is called Bahria Town PVT. LTD. This company proved to be a very large company in Asia.

Because he was a beginner, he did hard work and made big steps from small steps. He got everything he needed through his dedication and hard work and by his potential that he showed in his path. He considered his position as sales and marketing and engaged in doing well. He then got promoted to a project manager in 2005 and had to deal with different projects in his company. In 2007, Ahmed Ali Riaz acquired the post of CEO, and this was made possible only by hard work that he applied. Holding the position of Jiao is very hard work, so they performed it well, and their work created an empire of one billion dollars for his company.

Personal Life

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik was married in 2003. He Married to Mubashra Ali Malik, and she was born in 1984. He belongs to a rich family and it is a demand of every person to become rich. And they have been running a major sugar refinery in Pakistan. On the other hand, they are also showing good growth in the social activities of Bahria Town, and they are working well with the social projects, and they focus well on them. This person has taken up the task of feeding more than 1,50,000 poor people, and he works continuously for this through his current project.

Riaz Malik, His father was a visionary leader. During his time he signed an agreement with the US real estate leader and completed his dream project. Almost every person wants to fulfill his/her dreams as Riaz Malik did. He signed the agreement so that he could launch the first island city of Pakistan. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik, inspired by his father, ventured into the industry and followed his father’s qualities. His father signed for the project of Bodha and Bundal and agreed to launch the provided projects. Riaz Malik was a visionary leader. He signed a very good agreement in 2013 to complete his dream project. His main objective was to develop business groups to carry out the process in the city of Karachi, and he made landmark deals to complete the process.

Project Details

There are many projects of Ali Riaz which have been successful, and there are some projects which are still going on. In the industry, he has made different efforts to start successful projects. Given are some projects that he did.

Bahria Town Projects

Ahmed Ali signed a deal with the real estate businessman in 2013 and signed to fulfill his father’s dream to start the dream city project. Having done this in Karachi, this is one of his projects. In Karachi, he contributed to the construction of both the Buddhist Island and the bundle of lamps and carried on the projects.

Under their supervision, there are many projects such as the Blue World City project of Islamabad or Bahria city Karachi project. He has handled projects like No Sports City and Golf City in Bahria city and also plans to build a mosque on the other side, and his team is working well on all these projects. They are also working for the Bahria Town Lahore and Bahria Town Peshawar project.

Activities with Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik

Water Supply in Bahria Town

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik, CEO of Bahria Town, says two underground water tanks should be built in Kick Bahria Town. Each tank has good efficiency and the capacity is a tank that starts from 400k gallons. On the other hand, the capacity is 100k gallons for different precincts. He also said that the RO plants would be covered in the construction.

Bahria Town Inaugurates Fire Station

In the opening ceremony of the Bahria Town, Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik was invited as a chief guest. He is a great marketer and CEO of Bahria Town PVT. LTD. The event was organized for the new Bahria fire station.

Modern International Hospital

A modern international hospital was inaugurated in Bahria Town Karachi by Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik. He was called as the Chief Guest at this event, and an inauguration ceremony was organized for him. They have shown a very good lifestyle in Pakistan, and they are still constantly trying on different projects.

512 Victims of Sasta Bazar Fire

In Islamabad, Bahria Town organized an event as per its commitment in which checks were distributed to 512 people affected by the fire incident. The ceremony was attended by Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik and played a very good role, and he also understood his obligation as a guest and showed his opinion to the members of civil society and the media.