Brad Stevens ‘Could Sit And Listen To Alex Cora’ Converse Coaching All Day

Brad Stevens ‘Could Sit And Listen To Alex Cora’ Converse Coaching All Day

Brad Stevens is appreciating the NBA All-Star break in sunny Florida and chose to stop by the Boston Red Sox’s spring training facility in Fort Myers, Fla.

While there, the Celtics head mentor conversed with Sox manager Alex Cora and noted being around a “championship vibe” gives him a “good perspective.” Stevens surely could take a few pointers from Cora, who’s entering his second year with Boston fresh off a World Series victory.

“I could sit and listen to Alex Cora give a thesis on coaching and Tony La Russa give a thesis on coaching from two different generations all day long,” Stevens said. “It’s special to get a chance to pick the brains of all of them.”

Stevens additionally made note of one noteworthy preferred standpoint of being employed in Boston.

“One of the great benefits, I guess, of being the Celtics coach is you can get a chance to meet those people and learn a great deal from them and I just try to, whether it’s those guys or (Bill) Belichick or Bruce (Cassidy), or whoever, we’re really blessed to have a lot of people to pick the minds of in Boston.”

Stevens’ Celtics at present sit in fourth spot in the Eastern Conference however are preparing for what could be a lengthy playoff run. Furthermore, Stevens realizes he could learn a thing or two by listening to Cora.

“I think you get so much more out of talking to people who are in the same line of work but a different sport because I think you’re all dealing with the same things on a day-to-day basis,” Stevens said, “the challenges of team, the challenge of being the best that you can be.”

We’ll check whether Cora’s “championship vibe” scoured off on Stevens when the C’s return to work Thursday hoping to win their third straight in a matchup against the Milwaukee Bucks.